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  • Norma B. Holloway - Tart and crisp taste

    Satisfying drink-I was hoping for a more strawberry taste-it is a bit on the tart side but still good.

  • Mike - great fit and easy to install

    Be careful of gasket seal that meets up with roof rails. The corners have a tendency to fold under. Other than that, great fit and easy to install.

  • Amazon Customer - I love the scent

    I have been using this product since my teens, but in the last few years stopped. I recently purchased it again and face, which I have used countless scrubs on (my daughter is a makeup artist) is GLOWING and SOFT. I love the scent, I love that it does the job. For all those estheticans saying not to use it....well. I have had diamond scrubs, and others that cost 10 times as much and not do half the job, even though they are using jaggedy little bits to do it as well. There is also a product you can use that punctures the top layer of skin ON purpose so the skin can repair itself and ADD collagen, so stop with the attempted fear-mongering about this product. They just want you to buy THEIR products. Sugar scrubs and salt scrubs are jaggedy as well, as are the puffs, or crystal sanding, or chemical peels etc. This you can have at a fraction of the price and go as hard or as soft as you like. It has improved my lifelong acne, and the superficial 'damage' to the surface is beneficial. It's also inexpensive, smells terrific and has been on the market so long, you know you can trust it. I've been using it nearly 30 years now, as many others here have been. AMAZING product. LOVE IT.

  • AndreaJ - Top read of 2016

    The moment I opened The Revolution I felt at ease and like I had come home. SL Scott once again masterfully pulls you into the world of the band The Resistance. Reconnecting with old friends while bonding with new, you feel like you are part of their world and as if there is nowhere else to be.

  • Randall Lewis - It's a nice TV for this price range

    It's a nice TV for this price range. I analyzed all the competition until I just had to make a decision and went with Samsung. Out of the box, the picture quality was very gray and drab but I went to Amazon and found some commenters who had tweaked their picture and used some of those settings and the picture improved dramatically. I'm sure I haven't gotten these settings just right yet so there is still some room for improvement. I don't really care too much about the apps, I just wanted the best picture possible. I stream Netflix, I have an Amazon fire stick and an Oppo Blue-Ray, which I seldom use these days with all the content out there. All in all, it's a pretty good TV and a good entry point into 4K Ultra HD.