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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • A. Smith - Good brand.

    This is the Cadillac of anti virus software and there's no deal better than this one anywhere, and at the time I bought this, even this price beat Kaspersky's own price for this product. My added Prime membership gave me free shipping which made this deal even sweeter :)

  • that friend you ask when you're looking to buy something - 2+ years later and still working fine

    I bought this a couple years ago and still use it often. It breaks down into just a few pieces that clean up easily in the sink or dishwasher. I buy the bags of frozen strawberries, mixed berries and/or pineapple from Costco and mix with bananas for a 100% fruit treat that myself, my wife and our 3 kids love. The consistency is very similar to frozen yogurt. I've probably used it 25 times with no issues. It still runs like the first time I used it.

  • Prosper Lu - sunshade shrinks

    Sunshade shrank after 2-3 weeks of daily use. Now it comes most of the window except the edges. Definitely not what I expected.

  • Mrordinary - Worked amazing in the beginning

    Worked amazing in the beginning. Water was flowing quite quickly. Lifted it up and wow what a mess of hair. Cleaned it with a paper towel. Worked well. I guess I need to use toothpicks to clean the holes. (wanted to avoid doing that). Perhaps my soap is scumming it up too much? I am sure it will work well again once I give it a better cleaning. Great concept. It does catch a lot of hair!

  • Robynn - Impressive results

    Come Fall the dog started get bit up by flees. I bought drops for him and he acted like I was murdering him. He really hates the drops even if I warm them as the vet suggested. Flea soap was not cutting it and I didn't want poison powder or spray on the dog to get all me and the cat. I was using a lot of diatamasious earth rubbed into his fur and sprinkled liberally where ever he was laying and hanging out. That was helping but not good enough. The flees were spreading to the cat. And nothing was working very well. I would not say that I had an infestation, people were not being attacked by fleas yet but the dog's hind end was looking balder and balder by the day. This Evolv sounded like a wonder product so I bit the bullet having tried natural products in the past that didn't do much. I decided on the lemongrass scent and it smells like a faint cedarchest. Certainly not overpowering. The smell of the dog was instantly transformed. He smells so much better even days after the treatment. The first treatment was applied the day after a flea bath (that is when it arrived immediately used it). Fleas were crawling on him. I now squirt it thinnly along the tooth combs of a double sided flea comb. I comb it into his coat, removing hair and adding spray to the comb as I go. This is a beagle so this method works well for his coat. He gets a nice combing and I get to see if there are any fleas crawling they are killed on the comb pretty quickly in the liquid then I flick the dead bug into the toilet. When I see him biting quick I get out the comb and usually get the flea and the dog calms down. I figure I am going to have to put up with eggs hatching and jumping onto him for a while but I am now rarely finding a flea. This is great stuff. And the dog smells better that is a WONDER in itself! I have only had the product for a week or so and his hind end hair is coming back in. He looks better, smells better (as far as we are concerned) It is a mild scent (at least the way I am applying it) he is less antsy, he is more comfortable. I would buy it again.

  • NonTech guy - Extortion of a monopoly

    How can I say this product sucks strong enough. This product must be bought as a 3 year only stand alone or a monthly subscription....(Can anyone say "same thing") However, my problem is the lack of disclosure. When you buy the software Intuit doesn't tell you they will render it useless in 3 years by requiring all transactions to be manually entered. They proactively render the software useless? They say it like this "After 3 years we no longer support online banking" What they mean is "after 3 years we SHUT OFF online downloading of transactions nor will we allow you to import files or cut & paste transactions into your register. We actively shut off the ability to use the product until you pay us again,"

  • toofastweb - Do not buy for salt!!

    I bought this unit to add to my quad for salting after I plow. Big mistake. It does not flow salt at all. I called the mfg before I purchased it to specifically ask about salt. They said it did. The box says salt on it but it simply doesn't work. Returning it tomorrow.