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  • Facebook Making Time Line Mandatory- What Does People Thinks | 3wOgle's Blog - Facebook intending users to update their profiles to timeline and this will be mandatory for every user now. There is no spece to avoid it other than deactivating your account.
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  • Facebook To Launch Location Based App In March | 3wOgle's Blog - Facebook to launch location based app by the mid of this March. It will help users to find people with mutual friends/similar interests easily when nearby.
  • Facebook Action Based Statuses-Facebook Marketing | 3wOgle's Blog - Facebook will shortly allow you to share what you are watching, reading, eating etc more precisely and strengthening the target audience based Facebook marketing
  • FaceWash For Facebook- Cleanup Your Profile From Unwanted Post/Activity | 3wOgle's Blog - This web app allows you to clean your Facebook profile from unwanted post/activity which may make you feel embarrassing.

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  • S. Hampton - For the exercise hater, this is my favorite program

    I hate exercising, but this makes it much more tolerable. You get a great variety, which is what I need to keep going. I like trying to best myself. If you don't like exercise but must do it, then this is the one for you. I like how it tracks my progress.

  • jd103 - Not my kind of trip

    This was my first time reading this Best American series--it will be my last. I knew I was in trouble when the Series Editor's Foreword went on about it being sexy and exciting to be part of a crowd of rich people spending thousands of dollars on wine. That's not a way of life I want anything to do with.

  • Five or Fly by Sharon - Microsoft Publisher

    This was truly the best purchase that I made in a long time. Not being a computer whiz, I found that installation was easy and I am totally comfortable moving around in this program. Using Publisher's for home and various functions has allowed getting the job done with less frustration and time.

  • Lola - WONDERFUL

    I would like to start this off by saying I first bought this at CVS not seeing reviews or anything, so i got online as soon as I could to read on this stuff because it seemed (and smelled) awesome. WOW there were so may horrible reviews I was almost ready to just take it back with out trying ( that would have been a huge mistake). I also saw GREAT reviews. I went with the positive reviews and gave it a try.

  • James D. Porter - Great song for a not so great movie...

    I had never seen Pet Sematary from start to finish as it never was one of my fave King movies but I forced myself the other night and it was better than I thought. This song played at the end and its been on heavy rotation in my head and play list ever since!

  • AMoro - Nice product, easy pairing

    Nice product, easy pairing, nice sound. Do not fit well on the ear, does not work for exerecise. It fall down from you ear when running or even jogging. I could not use for that, which was the porpouse. Use it traveling, in the plane, train, waiting areas, etc...