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  • David Fitz - Yesssss!!! I love it

    I recently started using a make up primer for a matte finish and it clogs pores so bad. I started looking for acne products and cleansers. I was worried about a lot of products because they claim to work and had a lot of bad reviews. I ended up taking a chance on this because I saw all the good reviews and all of the awesome photo results. I was breaking out really bad from clogged pores so I used this product on my face at night. I left it on for a couple hours just because I wanted it to dry completely and I did it the lazy way. I woke up with all of my zits shrunken and all of the swelling was gone. This is a must

  • clarinet-man - Good product

    It met my expectations. It loaded smoothly (not always the case with other products), it was much less expensive than buying it in the big-box stores, I could reload it as I had the disk (with a download, this isn't always the case), no shipping charges (I belong to Amazon Prime) and it was delivered to my door (no gasoline and didn't have to drive to the store). What's not to like? I have used NAV many years and never had a virus (fingers crossed though). I am very careful to always keep it up-to-date, but ya never know, as I have little grandchildren on my computer and they can do strange things. All in all, I am pleased.

  • hammieo - No tears yet!

    Great kids shampoo and soap. I've been using it sing my first son was newborn (he's now 7). Mild on their skin (as most infants have sensitive skin), haven't had any tears from soap in their eyes - always makes bathing a little easier when they're not screaming. While most tear-free soap lacks sodium lauryl sulfate, which is the main chemical agent for removing oil from hair, most kids don't do enough to produce enough oil to make this a problem. The days they're outside in ++100F weather, sweating their faces off - covered in sunscreen - I just wash them a second time. A little goes a long way, so I'm not overly concerned about "using too much".

  • MC Phillips - Terrific & comfortable chairs - NOT for the beach

    These are great chairs for lounging - very comfortable & well made. Based on other reviews, I purchased them for a trip to the beach...BUT...after dragging them to and from the beach I can say without a qualm that these are really impractical for the beach unless you are staying right ON the beach. They are rather heavy (and just get heavier the farther you have to carry them). The metal (I got black chairs) also gets extremely HOT in the sun, so you can burn your legs or arms if you brush up against it after sitting in the sun for a while. They do dry quickly if they get wet, and again, they are VERY comfortable to sit in/lounge in, but my recommendation would be to keep them at home or perhaps for a sporting event where the walk from the car to the field is fairly short. My 19-year-old daughter could not carry this chair for more than about 50 feet on her own at the beach, which gives you some idea of the weight.

  • Kukac - Cute bear can't complain

    Cute little bear. Wish the hat and scarf weren't sewed to the bear. Easy to solve with a scissors. :) The bear has a good quality and good size for a toddler or preschooler.

  • Darliz Morales - The best dog carrier we've ever used

    This carrier is GREAT! It did not come with assembly instructions but was fairly easy to figure out, and my dog goes in of her own will. That is a first - we've had other carriers and we had to gently push her into them,, even though those were just as big. My guess is that since this one has ventilation and windows all around, top to bottom, it makes her feel secure but not claustrophobic. She goes in all the time, we keep it set up in the house so she can get used to it and feel secure when she goes in. So, sooo glad I tried this and I would definitely recommend buying it!!