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  • B. Wueste - Great price. Is it effective? Who knows

    I haven't gotten any viruses so I guess that means it's getting the job done. It's not intrusive and you only see a pop up once a month or so. The only time it gets annoying is at the tail end of the subscription term when they try to hound you to renew automatically through Norton at a very inflated price. No thanks, I'd rather pay 75% less and just buy my new subscription on Amazon each year.

  • Thomas M. Shepard - It's Heart!

    It's Heart! Ann and Nancy Wilson are the best of their generation. What more could possibly be needed to be said?

  • Deborah L. Jarosch - I would love to just go off all my meds and be ...

    What an enlightening book! I would love to just go off all my meds and be on vitamins only. I have purchased many of the vitamins mentioned in the book. I was happy that the specific brand I should purchase was included because you never really do know how many fillers are in your vitamins. I would recommend this book for anyone looking to improve their health!

  • D. Duviella - Amazing products, they work every time

    This review is long overdue. I should have done it a while back but today after recommending them once more to a friend, I finally decided to write the review. The Alter EGO Hair Loss Combination set works without a fault. A while back my hairdresser recommended it to me and I used it since and every time my hair goes to the falling, thinning and shedding stage. I have colored natural hair. Permanent color is the only chemical I use on my hair to get rid of the gray, however, I color my hair very often due to the fact that my grays (new growth) come back so fast. I have to admit that I alternate between KUZ and Alter Ego products, just because I love them both especially the scent of KUZ products. But, when my hair start shedding, I know it is time to switch to ALTER EGO. Truly, these are amazing products that guarantee results right after the first use, my hair stop falling. I will comb my hair and there wouldn't be a strand of hair coming out. I would shampoo my hair and use the conditioner and when I rinsed it out there would be no hair in the shower. I usually leave the conditioner for a long period of time (1 or 2 hr max because I don't like to sit under the dryer to deep condition my hair), or wash my hair the night before and sleep with the condition and rinse it the day after (I like this even better for faster results). The you get when you order the products is salon size and are quite bigger than the regular size you find in the retail store. The shampoo and conditioner will last you for months (if you have shoulder or bra length hair) therefore, consider this as good investment to healthy and beautiful hair. And I forgot to mention, please don't let the garlic picture on the conditioner fool you, these products smell wonderful, nothing like garlic.