Brian Dorfman Kinesiology - Dorfman Kinesiology - Brian Dorfman has extensive knowledge and instructional ability in the areas of kinesiology, anatomy, physiology and the biomechanics of movement.

  • Clinic - Dorfman Kinesiology - Dorfman Kinesiology Clinic specializes in injury rehabilitation as well as in long-term and unresolved cases of pain and discomfort.
  • Courses - Dorfman Kinesiology - These kinesiology courses are taught by Brian Dorfman and clinic staff & are available upon request & can be structured to accommodate small & large groups.
  • Contact - Dorfman Kinesiology - Contact Brian Dorfman Sports Kinesiology: 619-742-9934 | [email protected]
  • About - Dorfman Kinesiology - His ability to treat sports injuries has made him indispensable among Olympic and professional athletes, including national and world record holders.
  • Relax Your Nervous System - Dorfman Kinesiology - Using breath and relaxation to address common health issues related to the Nervous System such as IBS and Asthma.

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