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  • Mitchell S. - It works very well

    I have been using this for years and it seems to work as well as the more expensive products out there.

  • Teal - bloat and gas

    This makes me feel extremely bloated and stomach uncomfortable (gassy and bloated). The taste was OK. It will definitely make you full.if you can tolerate the gassiness, should help for meal replacements. The taste is OK. I prefer meal supplement "Fit Miss"(to which I add half a banana and use 30 calorie Almond milk). Fit Miss can be ordered via Amazon or purchased at Walgreens, CVS, etc. T

  • Louis - Passed the test with an expired drink

    Let me start by saying that this drink has worked every time for not only me but for many people I know. There's some things that you need to be aware of though. First thing is that YOU MUST BE CLEAN FOR AT LEAST 2 DAYS BEFORE TAKING THE TEST. So if you can't be clean for those 2 days before the test then you're better off using synthetic urine. After taking the drink, YOU MUST DRINK AT LEAST 2 16oz GLASSES OF WATER THEN URINATE TWICE. Third, you have about a 5 hour window to take the test. Now let's run through the process of how my last test went, which wasn't a breeze but I passed so that's all that matters):

  • kevron - Flawless 4k Video

    I have always been a Monster guy for all my cables. I purchased a new 4k TV and figured out that I needed to upgrade at least a couple of my HDMI cables. I was not super thrilled with the price of the Monster 2.0 HDMI cables, especially compared to the price of the amazon cables. I figured, I had nothing to lose. I am glad I tried them. They feel like they are of decent quality and will not fall apart. The video quality is also flawless. Don't get me wrong, the Monster cables always have a luxury feel to them. However, these perform the same and Amazon stands by them with the same lifetime warranty. Like I said before. They are so inexpensive that you have nothing to lose.