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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Virginia - Great Product!

    Barbie Birthday Wishes 2016 looks so pretty as all the Barbies that I saw. The dress is gorgeous and very delicate.

  • Nicole - The pockets on this are perfect for what I need

    The pockets on this are perfect for what I need, but drinks spill while walking because they sit at an angle. This accessory also can make it harder to fold down the stroller.

  • Hummingbird Mother - Not like the old PDR.

    If you are accustomed to the old PDRs, as recent as 2009 don't order this. You can not look up a drug from the name only. Very bad. Sorry I wasted the money on it.

  • sunchik - Curb the craving

    Works to help avoid the sweet cravings I usually get. The taste isn't the best so I place a few drops in empty capsules I purchased at Whole Foods.

  • Rosie Paul - Works but stayer...not

    Works and kills on contact. However the sprayer didn't work until we divided the liquid in another spray bottle. Having half the liquid seemed to enable the spray to work.

  • korey b - Who knew it could be this easy.

    I never knew battery charging and repairing could be so easy! All these years I've been buying junk charger after charger. They all fail in a year or so, darn junk peddlers... I can't see buying anything any different than what this little box accomplishes. I have so many batteries that I thought were junk just piling up. Turns out a bunch of them are just fine, they just needed a little help from this thing. I went through our vehicles and charged each battery, now the engines seem to turn over a lot faster when starting and the batteries seem to stay pretty fresh.

  • Batuhan Demirci - Beware of knockoffs

    I once almost bought a cubic zirconia cable, but remember the two main differences: the white diamond HDMI cable should refract white light as shades of gray; and the cubic zirconia cables are not brought to you by African warlords. Support your local warlord, only buy real diamonds.