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  • Rob Marte - Just like sweets

    sweet smelling Cologne , perfect packaging the bottle itself is an I grabber . the smell does wonder that it does justice, even a little go a long way I have this in my collection since early 2000 and will continue to buy the Cologne well recommended seller hope to do business with again soon.

  • tammie 77 - Reminds me of when I was little my grandmother making ham salad

    I gave this meat grinder five stars because the quality is very nice the description is completely accurate and the picture looks exactly like the handcrank manual meat grinder that I received when I first got this I cleaned it up and suction cupped it to my counter and you do that just by moving the lever in the middle of the base and it sticks and holds very good since I'm trying to eat healthier but I still have cravings and I like a lot of comfort foods this helps me with one of my cravings I really like ham salad and to get that fat free in the stores it cost an arm and a leg and now I can make it at home and I know exactly what I'm putting in it and how many calories by using this grinder I can also use leaner cuts of meat and make my own hamburger patties and again I know exactly how much fat I'm putting in it this it is a very nice and easy to use hand crank meat grinder reminds me of the old metal ones that my grandmother used to have I received this hand-crank meat grinder in exchange for an honest review but that did not influence me or encourage me to give it five stars I based it solely on the performance and the quality of the manual meat grinder and my personal opinion that I really liked it so I hope this review has helped

  • Corbyusa - A little to scientific for me..

    Can't say that I love it, got the audio book as a have a fairly long commute and thought this would be the best way to absorb the content... Good book with interesting content...

  • lovely2day - I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase

    After looking through several different brands, I decided on these. They fit perfectly. I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase.

  • D. Allen - Nice gaming rig with some annoying issues

    I was well aware of the requirements to owning this machine and I accepted those realities because of the actually potential use of the equipment in the future. Graphics are rendered nicely, hasn't frozen up yet after 2 weeks of constant use (unlike the xb360). The interface with the kinect whether its voice or gesture commands does work...erratically. I found that in voice commands to be recognized to speak slow and loud, and it usually results in the command being recognized. Hand gestures are more frustrating because the kinect doesn't always see your hand movements correctly, again slow deliberate movements yield the best results as well as being closer to the kinect ( I have it on my desk about 4 feet from me on top of the tv). I am enjoying it overall and so far I'm not sorry about buying this over the ps4. All the glitches known and unknown I'm sure will be patched by updates as the equipment matures and new titles are released. And of course you can still navigate around the XBOX1 with the game pad if the voice/gesture commands are too annoying... Enjoy

  • A. Wertheim - Avoid this product

    This is a sad joke. You can't leave anything to potential grandchildren unless they are named - no per stirpes choice for adult children who may have kids in the future. Financial institutions have better designations. This is only good for incredibly simple situations and for providing to pets. You can do better elsewhere, and the wills this provides can get you into potential tax trouble. Just lost $40.

  • Amazon Customer - Works great for schedule C

    I've been using H&R Block tax software for about 8 years now and have been consistently happy with the results. It works great for my family's returns, including my small consulting business. I definitely would have missed some of the allowable deductions without the software to guide me, and I find the software easy to use. I've prepared my own returns as well as returns for friends and family members with no major problems.