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  • Amazon Customer - They are lies don't waste money

    Don't work at all. Hubby has short hair we used this for 3 days in a row while also using other methods to "cleanse" his hair. He tested negative. So sorry if you believe all the positive reviews. They are lies don't waste money

  • John Kiley - Warning. Do not use this product!

    Looks great till you wash it again. I washed the floor with just water 4 days after applying . Now my floor looks like skin peeling after a bad sunburn. The more I wash it the worse it gets. The worst product I have ever used. EVER!

  • John H. Weiss - SAMPLE: Standard LeafsOut Micro Mesh Gutter Guard

    The sample looks very good. I believe that it's a solution to the leaf-in-the-gutters problem. However I found another product, made of plastic, which does the job as well and is much less expensive.

  • Diana Paul - I returned it and the replacement was not good either. I would not recommend it

    This did not give an electric charge through both pads as it should. I returned it and the replacement was not good either. I would not recommend it. Spend more money, I guess, to get a better one. Electro therapy does work.

  • JutsGrl - Product didnt work

    I used the product for 30 days and saw absolutely no results. I changed my diet and exercised so I was extremely hopeful to lose at least 10-15 lbs. but not one pound was lost. The cream seemed to be old as it came out in clumps and didnt always rub in completely. Very disapointed.

  • Luna & Family - Read the Directions and they won't fail you

    I use these for EVERYTHING! Ive used these to hold up canvases, small organizational wall units, mirrors, and even heavy picture frames. Tips: Make sure to wait at least 30-60min between sticking the velcro to the wall and actually hanging up your item in order to give the tack enough time to fully stick to the wall. Also, Do NOT cut this in half. They will not work half as well. They won't work at all. They may peel the paint when you try to remove. Lastly, when removing, always pull down parallel with the wall, or again, it will peel paint. As long as you use these according to the directions, I have never had a problem (and I have used them for years on dorm walls with layers of old paint).

  • Anonymous - Problems with Meaningful Beauty

    After the first week of using this product it left my skin dry and red. As others have said, GRC will keep charging your card long after you try to cancel. I have called Meaningful Beauty customer service several times to cancel my order, but they keep charging my card and the product never arrives. I finally had to cancel my debit card and dispute all charges.