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  • D. Burgess - Very disappointing!

    Like many gamers, I have waited more than ten years for this game. I fell in love with the original Diablo game the year of it's release and played it for countless hours! To this day I still have nostalgic Diablo 1 gaming sessions every once in awhile. Diablo II was one of the best game sequels I've ever played!

  • Carlos Caro - Finally, a pen for the women in my life!

    Let me tell you, I can't tell you how bad it is watching women struggle with man-pens. They just can't seem to operate them, they're intimidated by the somber colors of blue and black and occasionally white, and then the pens just never seem, well, "girly" enough. Finally, with a safe, pastel color and assurances from an impersonal company marketing exec that these pens are "for her," I feel like I can finally give the women in my life a pen which they can handle comfortably and not feel like a man when they use it. They even spell Cristal incorrectly, just so that special woman you give these pens to can draw a little heart over the letter i and cute-up that sterile, hyper-masculine package they come in. Of course, I'd never allow a -man- to use one of these. Goodness, one touch of the pastel pen and it's off to emasculation city!

  • Professor - The cable does its job, as advertised, and ...

    The cable does its job, as advertised, and I've seen these evolve from shoddy (poorly terminated, flakey 'gold', etc) to a more acceptable spec over the years. The junction between female connector and HDMI male on this Basic cable is typical on these cables, as it is with many manufacturers. These earn a 3 star, but I'd probably explore other options from Wireworld or Audioquest.

  • Skilla - Excellent headset with a fatal flaw

    I want to keep this headset but I can't because it consistently drops out during calls. I will be in a call and suddenly I won't be able to hear the person on the other end and they won't be able to hear me. What makes it worse is the phone will still be on Bluetooth so picking up the phone is not good enough. I also have to either manually change the phone to "handset" or shutoff the headset before I can communicate. If I don't turnoff the headset it will sometimes turn off and on again several times during a single conversation. This is very disorienting to the person on the other end.

  • E. E. Yates - Excellent How To Guide

    Solo by Choice is an excellent how to guide for hanging your shingle. The author covers almost all the ground needed in just about the right depth. The book is detailed enough and has some personal perspectives that also help. I think there could be a bit more information on how to pick areas of practice and how to supplement your income while you develop the areas of practice that you pick.

  • Amazon Customer - making me walk down in the basement at the worst times (like 3am) to restart it

    I had my Navien installed in 2012 and have had nothing but problems with it, it has turned off at least 50 times since it was installed, making me walk down in the basement at the worst times (like 3am) to restart it, the installer and the Navien rep have been to my house countless times with no permanent fix. I believe there should be a class action lawsuit opened up against Navien however they would just blame the installers for all the problems their units have.