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  • Mommy Fox - No bubbles, easy install

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  • smirk - Solo Slicing

    I used to pay someone to slice my banana. Now I handle my own banana business. This product gave me the confidence I need to slice my own banana, any time, any where.

  • Jawo - Love to play ball with these sick kicks on

    Love to play ball with these sick kicks on! Makes me move freely and with more agility! Fits nine and half perfectly!

  • M. Sookhoo - Misleading Product

    Bought this after returning the Wii version which required a controller. However this also requires a controller and I am at a loss as to why I should have to buy a controller since I expected the use of the phone to do the job. Why should something like this should be made for the Wii U and still require you to go backwards in terms of technology? It is definitely misleading to sell this product to fool users into believing that it is for the Wii U so please buy ONLY if you already have a controller.

  • LHall - Narrow with color mismatch

    The comfort is okay, I have two other pairs of Merrells which fit great so I ordered the same size in these, but they are much more narrow than the other two. Not enough to make them uncomfortable, but enough to be annoying at first. THE COLOR IS ALSO NOT AS PICTURED FOR THE ESPRESSO. All of the fabric parts at the top are black not the brown color shown. Not a deal breaker but I may not have ordered them had I of known. All in all I still love Merrells, but I will not be purchasing from this seller again.

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    First off let me say it is only the first week of me taking this product. I am not a fan at all of the taste, I know there are lots of organic teas on the market for cleanses that have a better taste. This was a very sour, bitter sweetness at all i the nighttime tea. The daytime was a little more tolerable. I did have more frequent bathroom trips which was nice, but just knowing I would have to drink that offer tea at night is not a thing I look forward to. Possibly include something more appealing to the batches to make people enjoy it.