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  • C. Holmes - I Stopped Playing at Inferno Simply Because It Was No Longer FUN

    I've stopped playing D3 simply because after I reached Inferno difficulty, it simply wasn't fun. I cleared Act 1 on Inferno using my Demon Hunter, just to see if things would change or improve, particularly with the continuing small patches and updates. But if anything, the updates have actually gone backwards leaving the game even less fun and more boring, which is really quite surprising.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Guide

    This is the best guide for the GRE, it helps you build your confidence, gives you a set of strategies, and preparation material to pass the test. It of course, is no magic bullet, but it will help you greatly, perhaps much more than even the official guides, which don't analyze the test as thoroughly.

  • Tom Miller - Think twice

    Don't waste your money! I bought this product almost a month ago after seeing the infomercial and have yet for the grass to grow over the entire 8 x 8 area (I know, results may vary). We have patches of grass and other areas have nothing at all. We prepped the area as instructed and water 3 times a day as instructed as well, only to have small spots of grass. At this pace it will take until year's end to have the entire 8 x 8 space filled (fingers crossed). Could have just bought normal grass seed. Very disappointing as well as extremely annoying! Little grass and a higher water bill! Thanks.

  • Roberto Oromi - Very good guide. We use either Lonely Planet or Footprint ...

    Very good guide. We use either Lonely Planet or Footprint Handbooks. They are easy to use, with lots of practical and, at the same time, ilustrative of the places, peoples and cultures we visit. We cannot say that one of them is better than the other ant frecuently bought both for a long trip (30+ days)

  • M. Johnson - It's like stepping back in time and reliving some great moments in NFL history. Plus, ref says: "She likes Itallian food."

    This a a great read for anyone who was a football fan in the late 80s early 90s (even if you are a Hawks fan). What I appreciate most besides the incredible story of Steve Young's life, are the various names of players and coaches Steve played with and against. Being a Hawks fan I found it fascinating that Mike Hologram was Steve Young's coach at BYU. I did not know that. I knew he was the QB coach of the Niners when he was there, but not the coach at BYU.