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  • Amazon Customer - A nightmare to re-register

    If you ever have to reinstall the software you are in for a nightmare. You must re-register the software. To do so you will need the product key and serial number of every upgrade addition you have purchased, plus computer keys, plus a lot of time and patience. I have been at it for days to no avail. I have to type in 5 different sets of numbers at different locations. The sets of numbers range from 13 to 20 numbers each. I have emailed their support people 3 times over the past week but have not been able to get it registered yet. It takes their support people a day or two to respond.

  • JoAnn - It is very nice. The only complaint I have is that the ...

    This item was purchased for my boss. It is very nice. The only complaint I have is that the hand print is not necessarily on the side featured in the photo. Other than that, it is a nice volleyball.

  • ccmjw - love it

    I love this for my 50+ skin. cleansing moisturizing and toning all in one! skin feels better after just two weeks. great product

  • M. Prather - Top notch glass!

    This fit my nVidia Shield Tablet perfectly. The packaging, instructions, and installation accessories were effective and professionally presented. The adhesion is good and no problems around the edges. I liked it so much that when I had to get a new Shield (bad battery recall), I bought another of these for the new one. This is now my preferred brand of glass screen protectors.

  • Greyling54 - the never-ending wedding party

    In Submit to Me, the 7th volume in the Dungeon Fantasy Club in 6 months, we meet yet more people brought together by Declan and Zooey's wedding. This time it's Declan's cousin Veronica and his friend Hunter Clarke, a Hollywood movie star, who is partly responsible, though not in a good way, for Zooey and Declan meeting in the first place (for details, go to book 1, Her Highland Master). These are both interconnected and stand-alone stories. They are interconnected in that all the previous characters are around, mostly as background, but stand-alone because none of the previous stories matter to the current one and unless you've paid really close attention, you are unlikely to remember who is who by this time.

  • Derek & Sarah - because I hate bugs.

    I haven't seen it do anything yet, however it's only been a week. I hope it's doing it's job as I haven't seen many bugs/pest on the level that the pest repeller is placed on. Not sure how this thing works, but praying it does.. because I hate bugs.