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  • chardonite - An excellent product

    I really like my Navien it works exactly like promised. Three showers can be used a once with no problem.The main thing with all tank less heaters is gas supply.My gas meter was only rated at 350,000 btu's. Not enough to run the tank less plus other appliances. The gas company upgraded it for free to a 1,000,000 btu unit and I have had no problems at all.I put it in myself in one day and sold my used hot water tank on Craig's list. I would wouldn't be afraid to buy one of these they are a good product.....

  • Amazon Customer - Love It!!

    My boys love it. They look up stats and are just amazed at all the information that is included. Compact so it can be taken for reading along the way.

  • Amazon Customer of (NM) - A bug discovered with Webroot products virus scanning engine & a program called (WinASO Registry Optimizer)

    I discovered quite a problem with Webroot Products & their Full Scan that is not only a scanning bug issue but an annoyance as well. It has to do with a program called (WinASO Registry Optimizer) & a useful feature that's in (WinASO Registry Optimizer) called (Security Update). I decided to use this one specific feature in (WinASO Registry Optimizer) to help install & fix Microsoft Windows security vulnerabilities that Microsoft has missed or failed to provide through via Microsoft Windows Update. I used that specific feature in (WinASO Registry Optimizer) to scan & it found 59 missed security vulnerability update patches that Microsoft Update somehow failed to provide for my Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit Operating System. I proceeded & let (WinASO Registry Optimizer) download & install the missing Windows updates for me to make my computer safer & more stable as for that is the exact point of this feature in (WinASO Registry Optimizer). Once I downloaded & installed those 59 missed Windows Updates using (WinASO Registry Optimizer), I then decided that it was time to run a Webroot Full Scan of my computer as well which I don't do very often. I did in fact run a Webroot Full Scan on my computer after that & became really impatient & suspicious with the Webroot Full Scan because it was taking a ridiculous 40 to 60 minutes to even begin to complete instead of 15 to 18 minutes like it did before on my computer & was scanning 4 times as many files as before on my computer.

  • jacobe1026 - Great for Guitar/Bass players of all Experience

    The installation was very easy and straight forward. Everything loads fast on my SSD. The game takes up less space than the size of a single disc.

  • Mathew - Just what i wanted

    Got it today and it is exactly what i expected. It can hold 2 forms of ID and a credit card. You could probably slip in a business card as well.