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  • T L Fujii - Wipe New Review

    Firstly, I'm not a plant. I've been in the detailing business since I was 16, I'm now 42. I've tried pretty much everything out there. I was very disappointed to see what a small bottle I got when my package arrived. HOWEVER, this stuff works very well and it goes a long way. BUT, you MUST read the instructions carefully and follow them. It's not like Armour-All, it's not silicone based. They call it a liquid polymer and it seems to me to that it's just that. It has a strong solvent smell and it hardens as it dries. The applicator cloths went stiff as they dried and cannot be rinsed clean, even with soap. It's tough to get off your skin without white spirit, so do please wear gloves. I got a great finish on the black plastic of 2 cars and did the dash of another using one bottle - and I'd lost some due to spillage. In short, it does what it says on the box. If you're going to get a good result, make sure the surfaces to treat are absolutely dry and dust free and apply it in the shade, not direct sunlight. And make sure that the treated surfaces are not touched by hand, water or dust for 24 hours to allow the stuff to cure. I'm a happy customer and will be buying this again. The one thing that annoyed me is that I paid $19.99 plus shipping and had to wait. I then found it in a store the next day for the same price, no shipping, no wait. I would have rated this as 5 star, but deducted a star because application requires special conditions and therefore takes more time than a standard detailing product(Shade from direct sunlight and a 24 hour curing period - an annoyance when doing an interior.) Hope this is useful.

  • L. Woolner - Paper size problems

    After having used Printmaster 11 for years I decided to update to Platinum Version 18. What a waste of time !!! All the paper sizes for Half Fold Cards are Avery, which is OK except they are all based on US sized papers and not A4. In version 11 A4 is listed so you can easily design a card.. In version 18 there is a Custom Paper Wizard in which you can put in paper size you want to use. All very fine but after you have done so it does not work, you spend ages designing the card and when you go to print preview the images do not come our as you would expect. There is a half inch border on the right hand side where the picture should be. Have spent hours online with Broderbund Tech support - another waste of time. All they do is refer you on how to set up your printer. They cannot seem to grasp that in the UK we do not use US size paper stock. Have gone back to using the old Version 11. At least that works !!!

  • Princess Jenny - Shampoo OK, conditioner and glosser not

    The shampoo did a good job of leaving my hair clean and shiny, but the conditioner and glosser made it feel strange and crackly. I tried it several times with varying amounts of product, but was left unsatisfied.

  • Martin H. Rossman - Quite pleased

    I am quite pleased with avery aspect of this cart bag. It is well designed, not too heavy and looks like it will survive many golf seasons. Important for me is the fact that the top is constructed so that the cloth segments are protected by plastic from being abraded by the metal faces of the irons.