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  • Jules - Product WORTHLESS!!!! Seller communication Excellent!

    It turned on, it connected, then the actual coverage was HORRIBLE! It wouldn't even assist with opening regular email. Forget trying to connect to facebook or download anything small. It was WORTHLESS!

  • Turtle - great natural coconut skin scrub

    This milk scrub left my skin refreshed and soft. The scrub help to remove old dry skin cells and the moisturizer filled and coated my skin leaving a soft and fresh layer. The coconut scent is nice added touch. I love the coconut scent and is this scrub has a strong natural coconut scent. The oil moisturizer is not to thick but elves a adequate moistures oiled layer on the skin.

  • Christina Walton - Taste great to

    This stuff is great, after a couple weeks I could really tell the difference. The taste is pretty great as far as protein shakes go for taste!

  • Kim R. - Works, but it's a big mess.

    This is 3 months supply loose in one box. Arrived leaking in the packaging (all over my other items) and when you go to dose your toilet, it's a big mess. I wish they'd put the individual boxes back on stock.

  • Geod Waters - May just be a heating pad but it works

    All I know is it helped with muscles pains I'd been having. I have no idea it's much more than a heating pad or not but even if it isn't, I like the design, the way it works and it works for me. You really have to use it several times a day for several days though to see any noticable relief. And use it for fairly long durations of time with each use as well.

  • Hobee - You Will Hate Yourself For Wasting Your Time If You Watch This Movie!!!

    This is a horrible movie. I couldn't even finish watching it. Bad acting, bad directing, and uninteresting sets. It is just painful to sit I didn't.