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  • kenny - Works fine, but is not the model you said.

    The thermical printer is not the same that was posted. Is very similar, looks allmost the same, it's works fine and has allmost the same properties but is not the same. Looks like if they send a replacement without sending a notification first.

  • putegrain - The extra space was nice. Good spot to keep your cellphone or ipod ...

    Fits 95 Grand Marquis ok. Nothing holds it in place other than friction, but wasn't a big deal since it was a tight fit. The extra space was nice. Good spot to keep your cellphone or ipod or thin wallet.

  • T. HIGGINS - Wonderful Cream

    I've tried numerous creams, and this one is by far the best! Most seem to just sit on top, and not really moisturize, but this one goes deep into my skin, and really makes a difference!

  • Resiree Boon - No. 1 in my 1st aid cabinet.

    This is my 1st time to write a review only because I totally believe in this product. I give this to my 3yo and 1.5yo kids at the onset of their viral infection (colds, cough or fever). This is very effective if given within the 1st few hours of symptoms and taken every few hours for maintenance. They may still have the symptoms but it wont be as bad or you may experience shortened sick days. This is a must-have in our home! I also take it at the first sign of symptoms and the virus wont push thru.