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City: 25 , Romania

  • Richard R. - Ditch Those Nasty Antacids!!!

    I love spicy food, but being a 50-something guy I have to watch my diet. I used to scarf down mexican food like there is no tomorrow, along with every type of antacid imaginable. After reading your book, along with 

  • Chris in Denver - mixed feelings

    I liked the feel of it, light yet still some coverage, but it tends to have a powdery residue/feel, and if you have any dry skin at all, it adhere's to it and looks bad. It did help me realize that I needed more moisture! Once I got more moisturized, it helped, but in wearing this on half my face, and a different makeup on the other half, I've noticed I break out more where I use this makeup. I do have pretty sensitive skin though. It might work better for others than it did for me.

  • M Taylor - Okay, but better as a Duster than a Mop.

    It's an okay mop, but I really was hoping to have more thickness to the fabric, more absorbency and more of the fabric pieces... it feels a bit thin to me and the plastic tends to scrape on the floor. I do like the wringing feature, but with arthritis in my hands, it can become really difficult after just a few wring-outs. I'm not sure I'd buy this again, but for now we're making it work. It does work pretty well for dusting, so if we get another mop at some point, I'll keep this for dusting baseboards and fans.

  • ToxicSqualligist - Works but very greesy!

    I started using when I was 22. I had diffuse thinning, a noticable bald patch at the vernex, a receeding hairline and the typical temple hair loss. After the first two weeks, I would say about 25% of my remaining hair fell out and about 2 weeks after that I noticed the original hair I lost was growing back along with lots and lots of peach fuzz. 6 months on and some of the peach fuzz had turned to small, thick black hairs, 12 months on them hairs were like normal hair. Basically the product stopped hairloss, grew back the hair I had lost recently and grew back some of the hair that had been lost for a couple of years and thickened up the rest of my hair! The only drawback is that since it is so greasy, it does not dry fully and can transfer to your pillow causing a big bushy set of eyebrows to be formed and your hair looks kinda dirty and greasy!