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  • Charles Boston - Solid bike

    This is a pretty solid bike for the price. At 6' 00" with 32.5" inseam, this bike is the right size. However, if you are shorter than 5' 11", you may want to consider the medium size (even though Diamondback size chart says 5' 10" is ok) as this bike runs a bit large. It DOES NOT include the assembly tools (confirmed!!). Assembly was pretty easy, but you can't go by the absolutely useless instruction book (look to their website for guidance instead). Most of the bike was already assembled. After 1 hour basic assembly, I had brake noise on rear brake/rotor and noise from chain rubbing against the front derailleur. Knowing absolutely nothing about bikes, it took several youtube videos and another 3 hour to fine tune it. This included adjusting rear brake pad position, rear brake cable tension, and bending the rear rotor just a bit. On the front derailleur, I adjusted tension as well as the high and low limit on front derailleur. They seemed pretty difficult at first, but once you get through it, it will be much easier if you need to do it again. I then made sure that everything was tight and secure, in case someone at the factory was incompetent. Now it shifts very quickly, smoothly and quietly. The brakes stop effectively with no noise at all.

  • Donna LaMonica - MOTOR DIED

    My son loves this. However, buyer beware. The motor on this product died after just over a year of having it. For such an expensive item, wouldnt you think that it would last?? Back up your product momaroo, you make me cry.

  • BrianC - Increased mouse accuracy, GREAT PRODUCT!

    Very impressed right out of the box. As others noted it was rolled up in a VERY small, but long box. Expecting it to need all of the care and treatment others mentioned I unrolled on an empty desk and to my surprise it laid near perfectly flat.

  • Bob Crowell - This is an expensive product so I was disappointed by the results

    I was really hoping this would remove or at least improve the stains on my 15 year old roof. I applied as directed (pressure washer with extension and proper nozzle for solution application) and waited...and waited...and waited. It has been about 4 months and there really isn't any difference. The stains are the same as before the application.The directions do say it could take up to six months to work but I'm not confident that the additional time is going to change anything. I have enough product left for another application but with all the effort that's involved to apply the solution (I have high, steeply pitched rooflines to access) I don't know if it's worth the trouble. This is an expensive product so I was disappointed by the results. Also I have 3 gallons left that I may not use and can't return. The 30 day return policy on a product like this doesn't give you enough time to determine whether it's worked or not. Maybe this is just an isolated case but I had expected a better result.

  • Splintergut - out with the old, in with the new

    I've used Access for years at home. I use it for inventory of what we own, for fire, theft etc. I use it for keeping track of what we've read, authors we like or don't. I also use it for names, address's. Since I'm a very senior citizen I have to admit it took some getting used to. Would I buy it again, absolutely!