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  • hotdogwill - Avast exceeds My Expectations

    Actually this Avast Free Antivirus 2015 exceeds my expectations for it. I don't know why but my computer seems to operate smoothly and more quickly once it was installed and the McAfee Total Protection software I had before was deleted. This surprised me, but also the professionalism that the Avast company demonstrates in the web appearance and accessibility of its software product. This software has already blocked a virus or two since I've owned it, and it is easy to open up, and once it does, it has several features you can investigate. My advice to those who are curious are to go ahead and try it, and use it for 30 days. You might find out it works well for you too. Certain speed bumps to look out for are 1/Avast popups that tell you there is no firewall. With my Windows 7 Home version, I have a Firewall installed with it, so I don't need one. You should check to make sure you have a Firewall protection already for yours if you get Avast. If not, Avast will sell you one for $19.00.

  • Terry - It does seem to have fixed the leak.

    It does seem to have fixed the leak. It is still a little early to declare it fixed. But I haven't noticed any leaks in the roughly two weeks that it has been in my power steering. I would mention that there was little power steering fluid left when I added this stop leak fluid. And the power steering action is back to normal.

  • Amazon Customer - Goodbye Bad Breath!

    For years my husband complained about my bad breath. I tried various products and some things worked. Then he asked for a divorce. I'm pretty sure it wasn't because of my breath b/c he said it didn't always smell bad.

  • Amber - Great Mat!

    I know that I can not be the only mom who gets a little nervous during bath time. My son may be almost 5, but he gets a little clumsy. I have always had a little fear of him slipping or falling back. LUXYHOME has a NonSlip Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat that helps me relax a little.

  • Shopper - Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

    I find this suite to be very helpful. Most everyone I know uses Windows so it makes life easier not to have to listen to the whining by sending something they don't have to convert.

  • grammymoody - Like the low acid of this coffee

    I had tried the coffee before. I drink it because of the no acid. I have reflux very badly and this coffee doesn't bother my reflux. I do not care for the taste especially, it taste like any instant coffee, but I drink it for the caffeine and that morning coffee "fix"... very expensive... with the shipping cost, 40.00 for 30 cups of coffee!

  • shawn louis gandy - Worked like a charm

    Worked like a charm. My wife and I prank each other and I got these for her. She is a diet fanatic. These little bears, sure did a big job. My wife, thought she had food poisoning. She ended up losing weight so she couldn't be that upset. Definitely going to buy more.