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  • Amazon Customer - While it was accurate and complete, it lacks a ...

    While it was accurate and complete, it lacks a rating system to help distinguish among choices. Considering the popularity of short "stopovers" a suggested short itinerary would have been helpful.

  • Walk_the_walk - Great Product, works fine... BUT BUYING FROM AMAZON MEANS NO KASPERSKY SUPPORT!! BEWARE.

    This is year 2 for me for Kaspersky. Love the software, it works fine and is much less of a "resource hog" than Norton I.S. which we used for the prior 10 years or so. That's the good news.

  • iceberg lover - By far the BEST

    No lag times...and nothing has been able to penetrate this software so far. I had Eset's NOD32 for years until it failed me last year. NOD32 was great for the 4 prior years before I researched and found WEBROOT, the new king. In addition, NOD32 was so much slower.

  • Jille - Keep Kava Kava Kalm

    This just takes the edge off... An excellent product. Have taken this product for several years with no side effects.

  • mccm - These shoes are great especially for larger and heavier runners

    Over the years I have wandered away from Asics and now I know why I came back. These shoes are great especially for larger and heavier runners. (over 6 feet and 230 lbs), even with some minor aches and pains which one develops over the years.

  • Elvis42 - Rip/scram

    When you see this on TV they tell more lies than Obama and that's going some. There are other programs out there on that will do either the same or much better and lot of them are free. Put your money back in your pocket and spend it on something worth while. These people should be put in jail. Or make them go fix the peoples pc's that bought there junk.P.S. And of course people are going to say well they didn't twist your arm to buy it !!! Very lame.. Why not getting back to telling the truth about a product you have to sell on the market and be honest about what you are selling.