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  • Estefani (Fiction Jungle) - A 2016 favorite!

    I think most of us have felt like fleeing the country running away from our mothers at some point in our lives. That’s actually extreme and reckless but that’s Georgie for you. She’s also wealthy, but you know, that kinda kills my point. Anyway, she’s gone to Italy and of course nothing feels better than spending your days under the sun with a glass of wine in your hand and gelato in the other, Italian men are appreciated but not necessary, right? Riiiight.

  • Deny - This product lives up to its claims and then some...

    This really works, no kidding it really does. I have an old washer that came with the home I purchased. It's inside was, well, nasty. I tried to clean it, but the stains, etc. remained behind. I tried many different products - none worked. Affresh did the job the first time I used it. The tub and agitator look brand new - no dirt, stains. I'm sure what was hidden for the eye is has also been cleaned. No more hidden soap buildup. Worth the money and so easy to use.

  • Linda Donahue - They Work!

    I've been taking these vitamins for over a year, after experiencing some thinning on the top of my scalp (after overuse of a flat iron). Definitely made a difference...something my stylist keeps raving about.

  • Fashionista - Super Fast Shipping, would buy from Blue Ridge Books again!

    Book arrived faster than the one I paid expedited shipping for. Excellent purchase, I have not checked the online access but I hope everything works out.