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  • Marc - Brilliant

    Seeing as nobody has yet reviewed the 2012 vinyl edition, I thought I'd be the first. To start, it's a phenomenal reissue, despite the price tag (nearly $50). Anyway, the artwork is nearly identical to the original 1979 release, and the vinyl is 180 grams. It's a very good pressing, with no unwanted surface noise. Great dynamics too. Don't be fooled by the poorly pressed DSOTM release from a few months back; this is pretty much as good as vinyl reissues get. Also included is a new poster, which is probably around five by five feet. It contains all of the lyrics to the album printed over a brick overlay, much like the cover. It's a very nice touch. Anyway, don't let the hefty price tag deter you from purchasing this. It really is a quality product and the music is absolutely brilliant.

  • Chickens - Funny, real

    Funny, real, relevant, and useful for middle and upper management. If you want to present this to your team though, make sure you aren't actually representing the villain in this book and try to present it to your team as if you are the hero. That is what our boss did, and it was hilarious. All of the things that this corporation was doing wrong, and all of the negative ways the big fig heads were treating their staff was exactly what was going on in our team, and the book was being presented to us as if the company was not parallel with those themes. Clearly our boss was disconnected with the reality of the working situation. Good book to read. I would add this to the set of books I have my new managers read to optimize success. I'll give you a hint; it includes "the one minute manager" and "start" by John Acuff.

  • Tonya - That really sucked but I must say it works well

    I must say that it was very runny which I squeezed almost half the bottle on the floor. That really sucked but I must say it works well. People ask me how much weight have I lost all the time. So I figured it must be working. This is my routine: I apply this on every morning before I put on my waist trainer. I walk 5 to 6 miles everyday. I have noticed a tremendous difference in my waist line. I went form 52" to 41" in 3 weeks of doing this. I am on my way to my goal of a 28" waistline thanks to this product & my waist trainer.