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  • Jesse L. - Great for the price

    These knives are quite nice for the price. Sure, they are not the quality of a Henckel's professional set, but what do you people expect for less than $50?

  • Haley Mills - From Bird's Nest to Glorious Fabio Locks.

    Last December I went on a solo trek through Puerto Rico. It was my first time being anywhere relatively outside of the U.S. mainland and it was also my first time traveling alone. I was there for two weeks and was on a mission to use as little money as possible. The only time I was able to shower was at the beach showers, which you obviously shouldn't use shampoo or conditioner at. I was pretty smelly and disgusting after sleeping on beaches for 2 weeks.

  • Jamie - So easy to use !!

    This was so easy to read my SD card even mini SD snd more. I even read a couple of my SDcards that I had music on and I was good to go with this card reader /writer handy device it was so actually easier than I thought I thought that it was going to be a mission to actually set up and convert what I had on my SD card to my CELPHONE!!! All I did was plug the Sd card into the realtor and then that up to my phone after something to title it pops up on my device file manager that you could go right on the App Store ..and I wS good to go .All my stuff was right there on my cell phone!!I was so happy and still happy till this day.wish the wire was a little bit longer but other then that this has helped me so much!!I purchased this game camera view at a discount and have found that this is an awesome and a must have device for everyone !'it is made out of good material and dies the job intend with getting to read multiple different sizes of cards!

  • Harry Puncec - Finding you way

    This is the third or fourth version of this I've bought over the past decade and clearly I like it. This latest version is as good as the previous ones and seems to have a lot of new points of interest locations and street details. It would be great if I could just update the maps without installing the whole new application (like I can on my Garmin) but I'm sure Microsoft needs the money.

  • fickledee - Disappointed with Software and Service

    First, I have been a TaxCut/ HR Block @ Home Tax Software customer for well over a decade. This year's product has been quite the disappointment. i couldn't install the software (it corrupted my Windows 7 Installer; bottom-line I ended up upgrading to Windows 8 in order to preserve all of my files, programs etc versus re-installing Windows 7). After my upgrade (on my nickel), I was able to install the tax software. Like others, I had college financial aid requirements that required early filing. I have been unable to e-file. I have been stuck the last three weeks dealing with support (I am up to level 3) because of a "bug" in their software. The support personnel (who now have my return and all of my financial data) admit that I followed the program inputs correctly but that the software isn't programmed correctly. So now for all the time I've invested I can't e-file or paper file and I've been offered squat for being a beta tester for the company. I usually don't work without compensation and the hours and hours I've had to deal with this gives me no comfort that the rest of the program is calculating correctly. And forget the 72 hour response, I had to wait over a week for the level 1 to level 2 escalation. Very disappointed with the program usability and the customer support. At least they could credit my account to have another question answered without charge as I used up my first question trying to get an answer to their programming error.

  • radtechvicki - Super fast delivery

    Super fast delivery. My hairstylist uses this on my hair and I love the results. It kind of prevents fly-away hair on freshly-washed hair and helps to hold the style longer. I haven't quite figured out whether to use it on wet or dry hair yet, but I know I will love it when I figure it out.