Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid Cyanocobalamin Mecobalamin Amoxicillin Trihydrate - China Union Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd - china union pharmaceutical co.,ltd is high-tech joint-stock enterprise,engaged in producing and selling Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients .By abundant technical strength,advanced management method and persist development,We win the profession ...

  • ascorbic acid VC - China Union Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd - Food grade ascorbic acid 1 White crystal powder, 40~80 mesh, 100~150 mesh 2 B/ USP/ EP/ FCC FOOD GRADE Specifications: Items Specifications Description White Powder or Grains Assay 99.0%-100% min
  • Cyanocobalamin ( Vitamin B12 ) - China Union Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd - Name:Cyanocobalamin ( Vitamin B12 ) Molecular Formula:C63H88CoN14O14P Molecular Weight:1355.38 CAS:68-19-9 EINECS:200-680-0 According As USP36 and in house standard. This product complied with the specification of USP36 and in house standard.
  • DL-Methionine Feed Grade - China Union Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd - Product name: DL-Methionine 99.5% feed grade 1.CAS NO.:63-68-3 2.Molecular Formula:C5H11NO2S 3.Molecular Weight: 149.21 4.Appearance: White crystals or crystalline powder Our Advantages: 1.Marketing and sales partner to leading suppliers of feed and veterinarian additives and ingredients. ...
  • tiamulin - China Union Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd - tiamulin 98% 1.Best price and service 2.Offer the Documents (GMP, DMF , COA ) 3.Prompt shipment tiamulin 98% Tiamulin is a semi-synthetic derivative of Pleuromutilin. It is highly active against gram-positive bacteria, such as streptococci, staphylococci and against mycoplasmas and ...

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  • Cheryl - Will buy again for family

    I bought two of these and they both work great. Ive charged three divicrs at once without issue. I had also bought another brand for twice the cost and I actually like this one better. Plus it looks cute and has a digital screen for the power percentage.

  • haganarrett - Many features and durable

    I wanted an item that provided me with multifunctions and didn't take away from me being able to perform activities. This product doesn't disappoint. I'm blown away by the features that it provides and can't stress the durability this product has. First off, the credit card and card holder is a nice addition. The fact that it can hold more than 1 is nice as many other phone cases are limited in that aspect. The functionality of this product also has the ability to have a kickstand making viewing notes and videos seamless. I absolutely love this product and can't think of another reason to get another. For what you are paying, you get many features and the durability to support active lifestyles.

  • alana - Happy

    One day only...obviously I have not grown any hair with one usage but......I am amazed how much thicker it looks with just a shampoo. I was reluctant to write a review as I always think they are fake.....good or bad. This is a real review and if I never grow thicker least it looks it. The shampoo did not lather like other shampoos from the store and it actually had a funny feel to it when it was wet. It dried and the thin areas did not seem to show. I have blonde fine hair and have had a hysterectomy and my hair has thinned. I will keep posting as I want to give honest helpful reviews. I will definitely keep using this. This is an honest review and I have written bad ones before about hair products and just want to share what might at least make a person feel better about their hair. I would have given it 5 stars but thought that I couldn't with one usage. Make sure you shake the bottle.

  • W. Bledsoe - Not happy with Kindle edition

    Let me start by saying I love the STA and have bought many of the hardcover/paperback editions over the years. The content is great. I got a Kindle Fire last year, and thought I'd try the 2014 edition of the STA in the Kindle version. I won't be doing that again. The text in the calendar section - the days of each month - is way too small for my 52 year old eyes. I wear reading glasses, and my vision isn't that bad - but this text is just too small - like the quotes that are put on each day and most of the text in the charts and graphs as well. Too small. And I can't find a way to zoom in on it and make it bigger. When I open it in the Kindle for PC app - the zoom is disabled.

  • jack of all trades - BUGS BUGS BUGS! BUY it but try to relax and breath when using this software

    installed this game on a quad core i7 computer, 24GB RAM, 1GB nvidia card. runs great! problem is that the game is buggy and is annoying to use! each lesson requires the user to tune guitar before starting each lesson all within the software. The tuning part will tune your guitar to the WRONG key and then the lesson will keep saying that you suck and are hitting the wrong string/fret. if the software says to play E3 to E5 slide, you have to trick the software to think you are playing write by playing E2 to E4. dumb. I have the newest updates through STEAM as well. Other annoyances are that the software can't detect you playing a note if it is played immediately after playing a long sustain or slide. So i makes you repeat it over and over even though you are doing the correct fingering. UBISOFT really needs to get this game patched up quick! Most people have problems loading or using this game because their computers aren't fast enough to run it. My computer is super fast so it loaded and runs the game great. But the experience using he software makes me want to throw my guitar against the wall during lessons! i give this software 1 star for teaching well. 1 more star for its graphics looking sweet (guitar heroish). 1 star more for how fast i am learning the guitar as a complete newb. 1 more star for 90% of the software working. 1 star NOT given for not releasing a fully functioning software. one more star removed for making me get annoyed while using software because of glitches. Will this software teach you guitar? YES! Just understand that the lessons will piss you off but the lessons WILL teach you what you need to know. and a LOT cheaper than paying someone to teach you. I give this software 3/5 stars. I say BUY it. Note to UBISOFT: i want Rage Against the Machine and TOOL downloads! Also, fix the darn game! I will EDIT this game review gain only if i notice a change in usability.

  • Kenneth - Great quality videos!

    It's a great camera for a great value. Set it up based on several recommendations from sites and other users... works great so far. Very happy with this camera.Overall this camera is perfect for my family's needs and uses, especially this deal.