CK Designs - I am quite young, but I'm looking to start up free lance in the art of graphic design. Fairly soon too. All that I am after is a little support, I am willing to be open and share with you what you would like to know I just need that chance. My business name is CK Designs and I will be starting off with custom logo design and your business card, flyer design etc. I have been working for a company doing this and now I feel that I am ready to take this step as a solo for awhile, til I am able to get a studio and a little bit more equipment

  • CK Designs: - Nothing seems to be looking up or going right for me at the moment. So I think I need a little holiday. Not to escape though, just to take a break.
  • CK Designs: Do you surf the Internet while you watch TV? What do you do or where do you go online in that time? - Nah, I hardly watch TV infact, full of rubbish I think. Where I go online also depends on what I need to do. Whether I am researching something inparticular or just bumming around for something to do
  • CK Designs: - Thinking about life, and how things just fall into place. Half of me couldn't be any happier, yet the other half asks for more. I know it is human nature to never be satisfired but, I think it is time to just except things as they are. Let the past...
  • CK Designs: Cell phones these days can do everything from turning off the lights in your house to streaming your favorite movies. If you could add any “magical” feature to your phone, what would it be? - I would add a sproutin money feature to my phone... Wishing that was possible. But I guess the future is usually open to crazy ideas, so you never know
  • CK Designs: Donate them to a good cause, recycle them... What do you do with your old computers and phones? - I think question ought to depend on whether or they are broken and un re-parable or if you are just simply upgrading.
  • CK Designs: - Thinkin, thinking, thinking. Sometimes I think too much for my own good. Hmmm, would like something new in my life. But what?
  • CK Designs: How do you use your mobile phone to keep you organized and sane? - I was about to say no to that question but then I realized I use it as an alarm for the morning. So it looks like my answer is yes

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  • Andrea Adamo - amazing product

    I bought this cream and I liked it but a 50% increased in 3 months?! That's unreal! I found the secret ingredient to treat my acne "tea trea oil" and I'll be buying other brand that doesn't play with the costumer this way.

  • Amazon Customer - Great book

    Longmiere at his best and so ready for the next one!!!! Love how it ties up at the end. Highly recommended

  • Bonnerauthor - Seems like there is a verbal announcement five times a day ...

    I've used the free version but was tempted by the advertising to buy the paid version. I think you are probably just as well off as sticking with the free version. If you get either version, search on line for how to turn off the sounds. Seems like there is a verbal announcement five times a day that the virus catalog has been updated. I want anti-virus software to work in the background, not constantly telling me what a good job its doing.

  • Judy Garrett - Political Intrigue

    Interesting insight. Although the author did not have actual contact with Donald Trump he was able to hang with his political committee. It was an eye opener. Whether you agree or not "People are judged by the company they keep."

  • Douglas A. Bieber - Genealogy is in vogue

    The software is easy to use and the guidebook was useful. However, getting information about relatives who were immigrants involves the use of a lot of other web sites (some related to that charge for information. I did not expect that it would become so costly.