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  • Free - It is best if used by a professional because you must be ...

    I use the aphogee two pack protein treatment. It reconstructs and conditions. I have to see I have read complaints but I have used it for years. I mean years. It is best if used by a professional because you must be very very careful when putting it on your hair. It cant be moved or massaged or moved when it is wet because it could break off. It has to be kept still; it becomes stiff and then you carefully rinse it out and carefully and gently use moisturizer. Maybe it is different for everyone, but it has repaired my hair for years. This is my own opinion. If in doubt please consult a professional.

  • S. Heinz - THERE IS HOPE!

    Last year I worked VERY hard to eat healthy in small portions and exercise like crazy 5x a week. As a result I lost 45 pounds. And then I found out I was pregnant. I gained it all back and then some. Once I healed from my c-section I started working out faithfully 5x a week again - and eating healthy. Yet nothing was working to take off those pounds. After 6 weeks I had lost a pound and I was SOOOO ready to throw in the towel. My mom reminded me that a few years ago I followed the IR way of linking and balancing and lost 35 pounds then - goodness knows why I ever stopped. I think my low self-esteem back then stopped me from getting back on the wagon every time I fell off. I also have known for 5 or 6 years now that I have PCOS and it's put me in the state of mind for years that I would never be able to lose the weight and keep it off. But when I spoke to my mom a couple weeks ago she encouraged me to cut back on carbs. I decided to follow the 2:1 ratio in the IR Diet book. This past week? I lost 7 pounds in one week, never once felt deprived, didn't crave bad food or large portions and I had more energy than usual - only needed one nap. And what's better? I hardly had to work at it! It's like my body breathed a sigh of relief because I was FINALLY doing what it needed. I am so encouraged by the fact that I went for 6 weeks struggling through with barely no weight loss and once I started eating right I lost 7 pounds in one week! I am still kind of in shock. I haven't read the book in a while but I do remember that it encourages fat-free dairy products (and other things like salad dressings) and I am not a fan - in fact I won't eat them. Most of the low-fat or fat-free products are actually HIGHER in carbs (and many times sodium also) than their fattier counterparts. That's how they add flavor and cut fat - they add carbs instead. I'll take the extra fat, thanks. Also - I don't ever do artificial sweeteners so if it means I just get a smaller piece of cake or one less cookie then so be it. Other than those two points I pretty much agreed with all the science of the book. My mom borrowed my copy of the book and then loaned it to someone else so I am running out tomorrow for a new copy. I want to reread the whole thing, but at it's core - this plan and way of eating and living truly works. It's basic and it works.

  • J. Stone - Why I wont read this book.

    I visited medjugorje for the 25th anniversary of the apparitions. I didnt really know what I was getting into but my trip was paid for by my mom so I decided to go. After being in medjugorje I began my conversion. I became a much more devout Catholic. however caritas has made me question if medjugorje is a false apparition. While at Caritas my mother who never follows rules decided she wanted to walk around the house area which was off limits to public at that time. I saw while walking a confederate flag in his pool house. When I asked about this they gave an explanation which I later googled only to find out was completely false. Granted nobody is perfect but if mary appeared on your land would you hang a confederate flag up? A symbol that has such a terrible meaning to some people. I dont think so. I saw many things there that bothered me. A general cult like feeling from the members who seemed to treat terri as if he was somehow special or something. I saw his son driving a 50k dollar car (challenger or camaro) DOes that fit in with his professing of living in poverty. The members of caritas live in trailers while terry lives in huge house. The most weird thing I saw while there though was during the prayers that night. Terry had seen me questioning the confederate flag. While praying terry was next to one of the medjugorje seers and he stared directly at me. He never broke eye contact with me the whole time. Maybe he was praying for me? I highly doubt it. Finally one other thing that seemed weird and did not fit in with medjugorje...The apparitions were supposed to have happened in his bedroom so during a certain time we were allowed to go into his room but nothing was to be touched. There was a woman there monitoring to make sure nobody touched his bed or a chair or used anything in his room to help themselves up after kneeling. I would recommend being very careful of this place. It did not feel like medjugorje. I fear that medjugorje is a false apparition now because someone like me may have left the roman catholic church if a sign were to come and point me to another direction. I wonder if this is the true reason for medjugorje. Could people be strayed away from the church? Even asking these questions will enrage someone who believes in medjugorje. But I know that medjugorje is not necessary for my salvation so questioning it is okay and not prohibited. I assume the seer that was there does not know what a confederate flag is as she is not from america. So as far as this book would I read it? Nope.