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  • Amazon Customer - For Skin

    I found this product in a drawer, I must have got it free with something, no idea what! it says on the bottle for Hair and skin. I've been using it on my face as I had ran out of moisturiser, I just wanted to tell people its fantastic, it's made my complexion more even and I'm sure the wrinkles I was starting to see have reduced a bit.I am trying to find the best price to buy a new bottle now.

  • A. Breen - Quickbooks...It Just Keeps Getting Worse!

    I have been a QuickBooks user for about 17 years. Recently was forced into buying the 2014 Pro after exhausting the ability of 2010 Premier. Around mid September this year QB 2010 started to fail with online banking as Bank of America stopped supporting 2010 and a few months before that invoices could no longer be sent via email. Now after spending 2 different days with 2 or 3 different QB technical support members over 5 hours trying to get Bank Feeds to work I am still unable to use online banking features as transactions are not able to be viewed and added to their registers without crashing the program. QB points to BoA and BoA has no answers. I should have waited a little longer as it seems there are bugs galore with this lousy product. As other reviews have said, QB was a decent fairly structured and priced product but now it's a joke. I will be returning this back to the retail store I purchased at and am looking for a new accounting software program. It will probably be cheaper setting up and importing data into whatever I go with than spending countless hours and frustrated sessions with nearly useless support.

  • Jane - An amazing improvement

    I purchased this product after having suffered with chronic ingrown hairs on my bikini and stomach areas. I often had one or two on my stomach that would be there for months as a huge inflamed red thing that wouldn't go away. I'd tried alternatives, like Bump patrol and bikinizone which didn't work that well, and pfb vanish which worked slightly better. However, after applying this for a few weeks my chronic ingrowns disappeared (leaving an inch long hair coming out) and didn't come back (or if i did get another big one, it only lasted for a few days). I've also started using an exfoliating brush, one that is very stiff and you use when dry. That, combined with princereigns has gotten my skin back close to normal. My life has literally changed with it. I'd recommend using it with the brush, and being consistent. Good luck!

  • Midou - Works very well

    This is the best product I have ever used for my thin, fine dry hair (it says its for thick hair, but works well on mine).

  • Marcia L. Ferguson - Fine recap of a great season

    This recap of the Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup win, doesn't disappoint. The city looks beautiful and the players who are featured, add much to the story.

  • George Conant - The pen writes very well and has a weight and circumference that I really like.

    I purchased this as a replacement for a very similar Waterman pen that I originally purchased perhaps twenty years ago. That pen had some deterioration of the housing that made it loose when writing. The pen writes very well and has a weight and circumference that I really like.

  • A. White - Havent felt this good in a while

    I was having problems with my stomach and the doctor told me to try taking this for awhile to see if it cleared up my symptoms. It has worked great. I usually couldnt eat ice cream but after taking this for a few weeks I gave it a try and had no problems. I will definitely continue to make this a part of my daily routine.