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  • deutschlanddeutschland - best uhd tv for the money

    Really quite please with the picture quality of this TV. Initially purchased a 50 inch but found it to be too big for our apartment. After returning it however, we purchased a 43 inch which works better although I think the jump from 43 to 50 is too big. We were easily able to set up our wifi, amazon, and youtube accounts. the web browser is pretty basic but it works. installing the smartview app on iphones was easy and were initially impressed with it until it stopped working abruptly. It simply wouldn't connect. It later started working again, perhaps on its own, not sure but we did attempt to update the firmware although we already had the most current (we've read a lot of complaints about the smartview app online). the picture quality and the audio for us seems exceptional. there are a lot of snobs who've reviewed both aspects and complained but seriously those people need to get a life. I definitely recommend the tv. consider your size needs before purchasing.

  • Lila - Instantly Ageless

    I was sold the first time I put some on my face. People want instant results, not paying a lot to wait weeks to hope something happens. Been there done that. This works right in front of your eyes. NOW

  • SchmoozersDeals - Beer and Water Stay COLD!

    I love a cold beverage in the hot weather. I love the way it feels on my throat, and I love the way it seems to make the heat less intense.

  • C. Enlow - Total awesomeness, incredibly bright, almost as good as one I have costing twice as much that you have to stand in line to buy.

    This is a great laser light and I am amazed at the quality of the construction and it has a 20 foot cord, fabulous, who actually puts a usable cord on stuff any more, these guys that's who. I have an American made laser for my backyard that costs twice as much as this laser, has a shorter cord, uses the same remote and it is only slightly brighter than this Crgpro laser. Two of these would easily be a better value than one I have from the other company and get this, they use the same remote and it syncs up perfectly with the two lights, hmmm... This laser is in a great metal housing, is heavy duty and just really well made, I got this one at a discount for my review, but it is easily worth the regular price, although I'd like several more at the discount price for sure. I'll post some pictures of my backyard in a few days, but if unicorns don't land in it I'll be amazed, it is a fairy land that is drawing neighbors and kids like it's a theme park. I am really impressed with this laser, way better than the other plastic ones I've tried and beats the socks off of those things they sell at the big box store. You can't go wrong with this product if you want a real, usable laser light for your yard displays.

  • L. P. Rumpf - Some of the beginning story make you wonder why they ...

    Some of the beginning story make you wonder why they were chosen.....but then you get solid short stories one after another.....

  • Damaris - Wondfo and Clearblue Easy have been showing nice dark lines since 10DPO

    These used to be fabulous. They used to be my go to pregnancy test (3 previous pregnancies). I don't know what they changed but these took forever to show positive and when they did, took forever to develop. Wondfo and Clearblue Easy have been showing nice dark lines since 10DPO. These are just sucking lately, especially if you're using them to see your line get darker so you don't stress.