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  • C E MIDDLETON - UV light activator died.

    I've just contacted the company because the LED Activator (with the UV Light) died after two 20 minute uses. Even changing the batteries didn't revive it. Not a good start. So we'll see what their customer service is like in rectifying this problem.

  • Amazon Customer - I would recommend it!

    I was given a bottle by a co-worker. I was telling her about my thinning/loss of hair and she said this would work. I don't know if I'm re-gaining hair, but it's stronger, with less hair loss. I would recommend it!

  • Regnal J. Jones - So far, OK ...

    Finds and seals "drip" leaks in my 98 F degree hot tub. 8 ounce application in my 700 gallon hot tub only lasts 2-3 weeks initially. Leak rate in my tub diminishes after each 8 oz application of this product, but is not completely stopped yet after three, 8 oz application. So far 24 oz of this leak sealer has not negatively affected water appearance or filtration in my 700 gallon tub.

  • StSky - Surprisingly Great for the Price

    I love these monitors. They look great, the viewing angle is wide, and color fidelity is very very good. I do a good deal of design and other graphic work and was very impressed with the display itself. I bought two for an event, and both were consistent, excellent units. So much so I used them at home now as secondaries and they have not disappointed.

  • ANN4RT - Excellent!

    I was first introduced to this when I was 14. Now I am 25 years old. This product literally saves me a lot of hair problems. I have a combination of dry, wavy, thick, coarse hair. I have a lot of frizzes and when I blow-dry, it's bad. This has protected my hair from the damage I could've done to it whether it's blow drying or hair straightening. I've tested it with and without the product. The difference is phenomenal.