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    Country:, Europe, CZ

    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Amazon Customer - Great purchase!

    Second pair of the same frames I've bought after my first pair broke. I have a more oval face and I get compliments all the time. Great purchase!

  • Dexter R Roknich - Works well, somewhat skeptical

    I use this every day for the last half year. My energy levels, emotions, and overall health seems to be improved. I was in shape when starting, but it gave me a nice boost and I feel better and more consistent each day.

  • mama Kenz - Loving it so far!

    Just opened this today... I cleaned it up with a bit of dish soap and water and then blending it before use. This is my preferred method for washing... I used it on the bullet I had. I made a smoothie in it to test it out. It worked wonderfully, I would say on par with Jamba Juice consistency. It is not completely smooth, but it is the texture I was hoping for (i could distinguish flecks of the lettuce and spinach but they were just flecks). I only blended it for thirty seconds though, but my two year old who has strep throat/pneumonia currently loved it! It was small enough that it didn't seem to aggravate is "ows." We also made some deviled ham (I over processed a bit, I will have to adjust to this one vs the bullet, but it was still better than grating!) I also made a snow cone type thing/shaved ice for my sickie baby, and he loved it. It was a bit denser than I expected (kind of like a ball of hail) but like I said it made my little happy, so I am content with it.

  • aileen rillo - Not pleased

    Product came to my house very fast, I was very pleased with that but the product itself did not work at all for my daughters' acne on her back and chest.

  • April McDanel - Worked for me but you have work to do, too.

    Worked for me but I am a light user, detoxed/refrained for a month, and used this in conjunction with the Mancujo Method the morning of my test. The combination worked because I got the job!

  • EchoFiveHotel - It works amazingly well.

    I've used Caboki and a few of the other brands and this one is the one I like the best. Not because it is magically better, but because the color is true to its description and the bottle it comes in is slimmer making application easier. I use this stuff everyday and it stands up to quite a lot of abuse. Just dust it in, use the smooth side of a plastic cap to help it settle farther down the hair shaft.....I use an old Caboki cap.....,use some hair spray after each dusting to lock that round down, and use a comb to remove any excess from your forehead or where ever you don't want it. It's an art form that you continuously improve at. One tip is to use a smooth plastic cap. Just use the smooth part and gllide it on your hair....without touching your get the dust to settle better. It works to make it look more realistic. Using this in conjunction with a good sollid hair spray has allowed me to go swimming, go to a water park or two, sweat my a$$ off in the summer, sleep, and what not without losing much....if all. I recommend this product to anyone with thinning hair, but if you are strait bald in a spot then it will be extremely difficult to impossible to get it to work. Just to be honest. So I figure that in ten years when my hairs completely gone from kids and stress then I'll have to just accept the fact that I'm bald and own it. Remember Bald is beautiful, but it can wait.