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  • Mike P. - Great fit

    The color of the Stubby is a little darker than the base that it screws into, but who cares, it isn't really noticeable. This little guy really does help to streamline the look of the car. I put this on my 2013 GT/Cs.

  • Christine N. - It gave some good test strategies but I didn't pick up this book ...

    It gave some good test strategies but I didn't pick up this book as much when I was studying for my NCLEX.

  • Ke Yuxuan - Good

    Rather sturdy, but pedals became a bit loose after a few months of rather rigorous use (involving many drops and falls).

  • Bradley J. Taylor - Good value, decent design

    Well, I have to say, I was not looking forward to putting this puppy together, especially considering the reviews. But it definitely helps to have someone manage the parts and help you lift the thing on it's side. It is VERY heavy and bulky/awkward, and I don't recommend doing it yourself.

  • Gayle Vogt - quickbooks 2012 for dummies.

    shipped quickly and safely. its a good book and has helped me alot. however I am still a quick book dummy

  • mdatta - Great book

    This book really helped me learn a lot. I was really confused about a lot of things before using this book. This book helped me learn a lot of new features that I did not even know microsoft had. Awesome book!