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  • stenUSMC - Why do I not have the next book in the series yet?

    You know, I'm glad I got a Kindle way-back-when, and I'm glad that authors and 'wanna-be' authors jumped on the self-publishing bandwagon to try to live the dream. There are some really bad books available, which is to be expected, and I am really happy to say that this is NOT one of them. It is worth getting and discarding books that can't be finished (due to editing errors or poor writing - sometimes the book description is the only good thing about the book) in order to run across a gem such as "Stiger's Tigers".

  • melissap - Like dessert!

    This is perfect for after my workouts because it tastes like a dessert! I work out in the evenings when I am craving something sweet so right after I drink this and then I'm good for the rest of the night. Cake batter is the only flavor I have tried but interested in trying the chocolate or vanilla flavor too! Also I heard there's a new Pina colada ;)

  • Christine1e - This is our favorite! The only diaper cream recommended by our pediatrician

    This is our favorite! The only diaper cream recommended by our pediatrician. It lives up to its promise of improvement by the next change. Worth every penny.


    Last weekend we had several friends over for dinner. After dinner, I asked if anyone wanted a cup of coffee from the new Keurig 2.0. Of course everyone said yes. I inserted a K-Cup and got a message "Oops". I was FURIOUS!!! Imagine the embarrassment of telling our guests that we can't brew our own K-Cups in a machine for which we just paid $150. This brewer is a scam! I am marching right back to the store to get my money back. Don't let Keurig get away with this!

  • ELMA EATON - Horrible customer service!

    I use 2012 version and called ACT/SWIFTPAGE to get another license. They gave me a price to add a license of $67.45, then they charged me $467.49 (I previously purchased 6 licenses for $1077.00 = $179.50 each. Now they are charging $467.49 each? More than triple the price! When I received the email (within minutes of ordering) I immediately called to tell them to cancel the order and never even opened the email with the license link. They asked me what I had originally wanted the license for, I told them it was to have my EA check periodically to make sure customers were not being forgotten and were getting service. I explained that I would just have my EA look it up on my user name. They accused me of Piracy and refused to give a refund. I previously bought 6 licenses and I can use them any way I choose!!! I can put any name I choose on the licenses including Daffy Duck, and share the login with anyone or everyone in my office if I like!!!

  • N. Trachta - Good if you want to see what multiple islands have to offer.

    I received my copy of Lonely Planet Hawaii and have to admit that I was disappointed; I'd searched for a travel guide for Hawaii and Big Island saw this one as part of the listing. Getting it I was excited until I opened it up and realized that it covered all the islands, the Big Island was only one small section, augh! Ok, not what I was totally looking for but it's what I got. The print is small with limited pictures further detracting from it. That said there is a fair amount of information on the Big Island and it will help with identifying places to go and things to see while visiting there, just not what I really wanted.