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City: 8.1551 , Switzerland

  • RepresentTexas - Don't biy this for PC

    No competitive matches or core marches since launch..i days now and no word from developer to fix. Save your money on pc buy any other game but this.

  • Liza S. - Keeps the "drippies" away and the beverages ice cold.

    The hubby saw this and HAD to have it for his birthday. His beverages fit nicely with no wiggling of his standard beer cans. His beer stays cold from the time it comes out of the fridge to the time he's done with the can - I would say an average of 30 minutes. The fully enclosed cooler is nice because if you're grabbing a can out of a cooler and it's wet - the can doesn't continue to drip all over you. It's not too heavy and easily fits in his hand - maybe a touch clumsy for me to hold on to - but he's probably happier that it's exclusively for him rather than me. I would consider purchasing for other stainless-loving guys for the shop (it's easy to wipe down) or for a backyard bar-b-q when it's crazy hot outside!

  • Beth - Fast results for cystic acne!

    I was a little reluctant to buy this product after reading all of the reviews saying people were paid to review the product. I hate that. But I purchased anyway. I have been dealing with horrible cystic acne ever since I stopped breastfeeding my son this summer....hormonal changes I guess?? Anyway, it never got better and I've tried everything! All of the over-the-counter stuff like Clean and Clear and Clearasil.... various facial washes..... I even tried oil cleansing. Nothing was even touching it and my entire chin and neck and cheek area was covered and these horrible deep cystic acne pimples. I am now 12 weeks pregnant almost and the acne still had not subsided. I thought maybe pregnancy hormones would help but it did not. I tried the Keeva cream this week when it arrived and literally within a couple of days I noticed a big difference. I still have a few of the cysts but they are way smaller and my skin is definitely overall much smoother and clearer. I like that the ingredients are more natural and it gives a really nice tingly feeling to your face. The container is small and it is kind of expensive but I guess it is worth it if it works!

  • tiffany - 24 hours of impressive

    It worked fantastic for 1 day. Now anytime you plug anything into it, the unit won't charge it and near immediately shuts itself off.

  • Vince - Perfect shoe for spin class

    I love these shoes for spin class. They fit well and the stiff shank makes pedaling much more comfortable. Be careful walking around because the combination of a smooth sole and clips make walking on a hard surface without slipping a slow and deliberate process. I anticipate they'll be buried with me since they are well built and never go outside.

  • Louisa May Alcott - Birds-eye View for my Toddler

    We bought this car seat after months of research and many conversations. Z is 15 months old and has been growing weary of Peg Perego infant car seat. We weren't going to transition her out of it though until she too tall for it. She's just barely 20# right now and just shy of 30". This seat is remarkable. It is not difficult to put together, it is rear-facing till 50#, and my toddler LOVES it! She doesn't fuss or cry when put in it. And the best part for me is that she can stay rear-facing for a long time to come. We are certain she's staying facing the rear window till she's at least two. But if she's continuing to be comfortable and not upset about it, we plan on going way past 2. It's roomy and there is plenty of room for her to grow. We fully anticipate this being the last car seat we need to purchase!

  • Suzy - Fun yet short

    My son really wanted this game after seeing the Jurassic World movie. We are big fans of the "Lego" line of video games. He really enjoyed playing this game, and especially when he was able to be the dinosaurs. Just wished that there were more levels for him to do, honestly he beat this game in about 3 days, and it's not like he played for hours on end just a few here and there. We did like how much the game had in common with the movie itself. Overall this a great game for kids.