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  • Blog - Corsair Media Services - You wouldn't use a hammer to tighten a nut, would you? Likewise, you wouldn't use a flashlight to cook food, right? There exists the right tool for the right task, and in order to get maximum effectiveness out of a tool, you need to know how to properly use it. After all, blindly using power

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  • moonlightmiles - Portrait of the Artist as a Careerist

    Carlin is a literary writer with a knack for a good turn of phrase and it's clear he's done his homework and that the music is important to him. While associated with Graceland, and that title's implied journey to a state of grace, it becomes clear that Simon himself shifts from magnanimous gifts to open kleptomania and petty careerism, sensitivity to obtuseness, and other head-scratching whipsaws that suggest something perhaps quite different from grace. A complex and ambiguous portrait of a complex and ambiguous subject whose talent and obsession produced one the finest catalouges in pop history. The judgments (and diagnoses) are up to the reader to make. (Recommend pairing with the Born At The Right Time documentary from the early 90's, if you can find a copy.)

  • taramarabobara - Love them!

    I love these socks! Finally long songs that are stretchy enough to fit my 23" calves! I walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes every day before work, but my legs still swell from sitting at a desk 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. These socks really seem to help a lot with the swelling. The only caveat is that the tops tend to slide down a little throughout the day unless I apply a really thick body cream on my legs to help them stick.

  • Alaskathryn - the pictures are beautiful, and a lot of really great advice is ...

    I'm planning a trip to Iceland July 2016 with family and this book has been very helpful in putting together an itinerary. The information isn't too dense, the pictures are beautiful, and a lot of really great advice is included. I love the pull out map and links to various websites for additional information.

  • Amazon Customer - Worse than Live Mail

    Before I purchased MS Office 2010 professional, I used Windows Live Mail as my default email client, everything was fine and fast. After I began using Outlook 2010, suffering began. Crashing, slow response, etc. happened frequently. MS support didn't provide any useful advice.

  • nicolas crocco - NO Z-WAVE CONNECTIVITY

    I have no idea if this is a good or bad router. The reason I put one star is simple: if you search on Amazon for "z wave router" this is the first item on the list. Thats why I bought it. It turns out it has Zig bee but no Z wave so it goes back to amazon for a refund. Pity.

  • SStedman - Measuring the four treatments out can be annoying

    This box comes with a 4 month supply, but be warned all four months are in the same box and the method for measuring is trying to match the amount in the box with a marker on the outside of the box. It's not hard, just annoying, because who wants to stand in the bathroom looking in a a dark box (the pour spout doesn't provide a lot of light) to see it the level is correct for each treatment. We used to use the single month treatments, but these stopped being offered through subscription, so we switched to this option. I was hoping it would be four pre-measured treatments separated in one box, but that was wishful thinking. We will now be trying the Rid-X single packs going forward and hopefully this is a better solution.

  • Laurel K. Williston - Easy to use, hardly noticeable

    I have used many screen protectors over the years, dating back to my first handheld device in 2000. This one is my favorite so far. The instructions were clear and easy. The cleaning wipes worked well. The protector was easy to apply and went on without difficulty, even allowing for readjustment. I had no bubbles whatsoever, but the included squeegie card would have taken care of them if I had any. And now I can't even tell that it's on there unless I look at the edges of my screen. I even asked my husband to use my phone to see if he noticed the screen protector, because he doesn't like how they feel. Now he's a believer! Thankfully, I haven't required much protection so far, but I'll update my review if I notice any issues with the actual protection. So far, so good!