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  • ThreeDogsMama - Labelled "non toxic" but it is NOT "non toxic"

    This product is most definitely NOT "non toxic". READ THE MSDS. DO NOT use this product anywhere near your pets, or where they can eventually get it on their feet and potentially lick it off of their paws. Even if you think you have used lots of water to dilute it and in rinsing, this product will cause seizures and could easily kill a chemically sensitive animal.

  • Kelly - Worth it for healthy hair skin and nails.

    I chopped my hair off and started taking these vitamins. It's been a month and the results have been ok. My hair does shed less and it's a little shinier. The edges of my hair had been greatly abused by hair weaves. I have seen some growth and it's becoming less embarrassing to display my hair without a headband covering where hair was missing. I can't say that all my growth is from hairfinity as I have given my hair a break from being pulled and glued. I will continue to take these as I have seen a difference in the overall health of my hair nails and skin. My face didn't go through that extreme dry phase it usually goes through in the winter and my nails are growing like crazy. My goal was to take these pills for a month and have enough hair to get it braided in box braids. That goal has been achieved. Prior to taking the pills I had a tapered cut with the back and side of my hair shaved and replaced that hairstyle with weaves hoping it would grow back. My hair grew rather slow for a few months with not enough to grip for braids. I decided to cut the perm from the top of my hair and start fresh. I do believe the pills help speed up growth. I think with a combination of loving your hair and supplementing with these vitamins one can achieve healthy hair. Drink plenty of water for optimum effect.

  • Security Guy - Perfect Fit

    Exactly what I needed. Fits perfect on a 2016 Explorer. Just heavy enough to protect bumper surface & edge, about a 1/4 inch. Looks nice. Quick shipping too. Very pleased

  • P. Berry - Reading on my own for Credit-by-Exam

    I've been reading a little everyday since having received this book. It's a very easy read as in it's easy to understand because they break everything down to its simplest form. This makes it difficult to take notes because you feel as though you have to write everything down to get something from it later, but of course that feels pointless since you already have the book. In the end, I think this book will do well to prepare me for the CBE Exam and put me steps closer to being licensed! I will keep you posted!

  • Ross W. Virock - Invaluable reference for solitary pre-millennials

    Prior to purchasing this volume I was forced to use the antiquated system of a stove/oven combination and it was not only time consuming but dangerous and required I prepare much more food than I could eat. It took thirty minutes to cook pizza hit enough to burn several layers of skin off of the roof of my mouth when I could do it in under five with a microwave! All this time saved and no hassle of warming my entire kitchen with an oven as well as oven racks and metal pans that could burn my hands before I can get anything on the plate, much less my mouth. I can prepare a single serving of almost anything in seconds. The only issue I had with this book was finding a microwave like the one Sonia uses. Many said I was crazy trolling the junkyards but I believe to be true to the recipes, one must use similar tools. Modern microwaves do not give the same radiation that a classic machine can and will definitely effect flavor. All of my friends, except the one with a pacemaker, enjoyed my dinner parties, with other lonely singles, thoroughly. Plenty of leftovers, heated right on a plate, for everyone! Unfortunately, every piece of Tupperware I own now resembles an interpretation of Tupperware rather than an actual container, my dwindling collection of survivors are displayed with pride (being every plant in my home as well as some in my yard have mysteriously died) as my guests file in from their cancer treatments for a good, chewy, hot-as-lava meal. A MUST have for any person for the shelf in their <300 square foot studio apartment and probably the only cookbook you will need!