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CS:GO Casino: jackpot, roulette, lucky wheel! - After her failed marriage and a desire for a child - she eventually agreed to go with him for a drink and then somehow, despite the protestations of her friends, the majority of who she now rarely saw, she agreed to marry him after a drunkard proposal following one of his rare nights out with his business partners, entertaining some client - part of the job he never liked, as it allowed her, the rare opportunity to go out with her friends. And this was his biggest fear - the thought that she would go out into society and meet someone who would make her truly happy and would allow her to lead her life as she really wanted to live it.

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  • Lisa - Kissing Virgil

    Thank you, John Camp, for Virgil Flowers! In this excellent installment of the series, Virgil rides all over Minnesota and Wisconsin in pursuit of a pair of abducted Amur tigers. From the crazy kidnapping antics, you figure this might be a rather benign story. You would be wrong. Blood, guts, cruelty, dismemberment, murder, assault, arson, you name it... Virgil and his superbly drawn cast of allies hunt down the Xanax-soaked villain and his butchering but endangered accomplices.

  • Amazon Customer - Threw me a lifesaver!

    Living in the middle of Texas, I am naturally terrified of big ships! This book helped me to overcome this fear, by facing the fact that even though big ships are all around me, and are scary to look at, they are really just trying to be helpful. I have learned that if I don't make eye contact, and approach slowly, big ships can be my friends! It's all in the body language.

  • christina - Perfect for Selfies

    Great lighting perfect for selfies! I bought this case as a gift for my daughter, but she ended up buying the iPhone 6plus. I took it off her hands just needing a cue for my phone. Wow, was I surprised at how well this case lit up. I am not the biggest selfie taker, but it made the little ring light in my eyes that most professional photos have.