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  • Jason Kaplan - Complete BS!

    I bought this game days ago and STILL have not been able to download the game. This is a known issue that many others are having. The download starts and just gets stuck until I restart or pause and resume the download. I have not been able to fully download the game yet. I would be even more furious if I paid for the early access and this was happening. Very disappointed and am an unsatisfied customer!!!

  • T. Allen - Good solid knives

    These are not great knives. However, they are pretty good. If you're expecting something comparable to a $... set of Henckels, don't get them. But if you just want some decent looking knives that won't rust or fall apart, these might be right.

  • Z. Alzein - Crashed my computer.

    It crashed my computer. What do I do? All the computer does is say the disc drive is not working, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to reboot. What's that all about?