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  • Metalhead - Works Wonderful!

    Just installed Spyware Doctor w/ Antivirus 2011 and it works wonderful on all 3 systems!! :) Always have been happy w/ this product, unsure why people have such issues w/ this....

  • Bizzy and Max - Peace of Mind

    This is a fantastic pulse oximeter. It is well made, easy to use and a great tool to have for anyone that has lung issues of any type. I love that it is pink to top it off. This one also comes with a lanyard so you can keep it around your neck. That makes it easy to keep up with and available when you need it. It is really important to be able to measure your oxygen level to see if you are in real danger or not when you have lung issues. This is the best way to do that. You can monitor yourself or your loved one and know if you need to head to the emergency room or call and ambulance. This device will help keep you safe and give you a great peace of mind. It is simple to use and gives you vital information.

  • John T Schenk - Got rid of almost all my plague in a couple ...

    Got rid of almost all my plague in a couple weeks. Teeth feel very smooth. I'm now 95% free of my allergies. Concept really works. I recomend anyone in doubt to at least try it for a week. You'll be suprised.

  • john j. winsch - 2016: Obama's America

    I give this movie the highest rating, because it has been eerily accurate in predicting the downfall of the prominence of the U.S. due to the policies of Obama. We are now hopelessly in debt, which will eventually result in hyperinflation. He has an overtly socialist agenda that is exactly what his teachers, many of whom were openly Marxists, would glory in. The background on his Mother clearly shows that she was one of the .flower children who had no morals and hated America. His Father, if anything, was worse. For those of us who have loved America, it is now likely too late to undo the mortal blow his policies have dealt us, but at least the viewer will understand what policies are destroying us, and where Obama got his inspiration for them. We, the electorate, have only ourselves and our greed for government handouts to blame.

  • KHCK512 - Made in Taiwan Awesome!

    Love everything about it. It came with every single part and my LBS took his time to assemble it. This bike is bang for the buck for sure. Problem is the box. It came with holes and the top ripped open half-way. When asked UPS driver he had no idea which is fine. My suggestion is tape the openings will solve the issue. Lastly, a plastic fork holder broke but it's not a big deal as it's not part of the bike itself. Thanks for the fast shipping and great product I hope Amazon/sellers will start carrying the R1 version soon!

  • Pet Lover - Long Distance moMa

    I live in Myrtle Beach SC and my granddaughter lives in New York City. I sent a bunch of Frozen toys to her and he favorite was the Carry Tin.