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  • Chrisha - Quality Vision Health Vitamins

    I really enjoy taking these Vision Health supplements. They are easy to consume, they don't cause any negative side effects. I feel like my vision has been more focused since taking them and they contain amino acids, minerals and lots of vitamins to ensure many positive vision benefits and qualities. The recommended dosage for these supplements are two tablets daily. I believe that they are very efficient and they contain Vitamin A which gives your eyes much needed support. I would like to thank Vita Strength and Amazon for allowing to try this supplement complementary and I am very satisfied with their results.

  • Bill Vantine - Save your money

    I purchased this software as I had seen in several on line reveiws that it was the best for 2014. I totally blocked my computer from getting on the internet and slowed been the functioning of the computer to the point I had to remove the software and go back to a previous back up to get the system working as it is intended to do. I purchased a three computer set, but will not install it on any of my computers again.

  • Reasonable Mike - Great Quality Grass Seed

    Far better than the grass seed you can obtain through your local garden center. After many years of using other seed with mixed results, I'm glad I found this brand. Even in shady areas that have been problematic I now have quality grass. One thing to mention, don't spend your money on this if you don't plan to regularly fertilize and, where necessary, water. TurfTrust and Ringer are both excellent.

  • Amazon Customer - The gloves were what I ordered, arrived when expected ...

    The gloves were what I ordered, arrived when expected - the color was a little off from what I was expecting - more of a peach than a light pink but my girl loves them just the same.

  • Brandon R. Field - Operations management book that reads like a novel

    If you are new to operations management and seeking a book that reads like a novel rather another boring management book, this is a great choice. Alternately, if you are already pretty familiar with the topic, you may find yourself skipping a lot of the narrated drama. This book does a good job of helping one visualize and better understand operational flow, but there are no groundbreaking revelations (it was written in the 80s).

  • Keith - What you need to know

    This will work to strengthen your abs and part of that strengthening is bulking them up a bit. So if you have fat on top of your abs, using this will make you look like you have a bigger belly. If you already have something of a four-pack or better, you are at a low enough fat percentage that you might get the best results. Don't expect wearing this to burn calories for you, it's very marginal. Take up running, cycling, walk briskly for hours, or go to the gym, and reduce overall calories consumed if you really want a 6-pack. If you plan on running in a race, there's two main things that tire out, your abs and your legs. When abs go first, it means they are weak, this belt then can help you run longer.

  • maryjane_oasis - Another great read from Mark Edwards

    I really like this book, however I did not like the ending. All of his other books I felt a sense of closure but this one still has me wondering about a few things. I liked the main character a lot. I read some reviews before reading the book of people not liking her, but as a working mother I could relate a lot with the her desire to want to do well at work but also be able to be around for her child. Overall the book is amazing and I would definitely recommend it. If you haven't read any of Edwards' other books now is the time.