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  • Gao Atamazon - Great performance, unfortunate flaw

    The antivirus software performs well, but has one serious flaw. It does not remember manual exceptions of installed programs on the computer. I have a program that I need to use, but Webroot thinks it contains virus. That's fine, as I know the program probably has a suspicious component, but it's not vicious and I need it. But there is no way to simply set a permanent exception. Any manual "allow" seems to be only temporary, and gets overwritten in the next scan. It becomes a constant struggle. Cannot live with it. Rather unfortunate, especially considering that the antivirus software itself performs so well with such an attractive user interface.

  • Justin B. - Too much work for the little it does.

    I bought this because my lights have a weird hue all over them. I've seen this advertised and figured I would give it a try. Boy was I surprised with the amount of work it takes to "restore" headlights. Between sanding, adding a solution, sanding, adding a solution, buffing and then more solution I said screw it. I gave it to a friend who actually used it and it did not make a difference. The problem with these "restore" kits is that the light is not messed up on the outside of the headlight but on the inside where you can't really get to it. So all of these kits don't actually get to the root of the problem. Over all I would rather spend the money for new head lights.

  • Betty Wilson - Perfect PowerBank

    This power bank with QC 2.0. Real discharge capacity on 5V and 1A is 6515 mAh recalculated to 3.6V is 9040 mAh conversation efficiency is near 90%, looks very good! :) Charging input capacity is about 8680 mAh 5.46V. Very good design and quality materials!

  • F. Tamayo - Dried hands and then

    I wish I could tell you if I feel a difference in my skin but I really cannot. My skin is usually taken care of but I will continue to use it as I know that it does leave a barrier of moisture and that is the one thing I lack in.. moisture. My skin cracks and flakes at my hands. I hope this does not cause adverse effects since it is salt. I received this product at a lowered or free rate for my truthful evaluation.

  • Teacher Mom - Teacher recommended!!

    I am a high school. I bought this for my daughter. I taught her friend some of the strategies in the book, and her scores went up just by having a better understanding of the test.