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    I encourage all of you that have been robbed (literally) by the Pimsleur people via your Credit Cards to also post your reviews on the other Pimsleur foreign language review pages here (French, German, etc). Pimsleur's dark methods are despicable and Amazon should not host them here.

  • yurib - Acne Free!

    I'd been suffering from acne for a few years now and tried just about all the drugstore acne products sold but nothing ever worked. Almost a week into the treatment and my skin was completely clear. Even my friends noticed the change in my skin! I think I used a bit too much though when I got a rash on my upper cheeks. But I used moisturizing cream for a few days and it was fine after that. Just make sure not to use to much of the product; a little really does go a long way.

  • Kira - Brand New Attitude

    Well to all my Brand New Ladies who out ording them some brand new booty. It did change my attitude with being a new person I don't have to switch hard no more to show what I got now. So good Luck ladies on ur new booty and you don't have to shake to bring it..Lol

  • Tammy - Impressive Product

    I absolutely love this product! Not only did it help prevent my hair from breaking and thinning, it also helped my nails become stronger, an added bonus! Additionally, it brought shine to my hair too! I have tried another similar product and had to stop taking it because it irritated my stomach, but this product seems to be very gentle to the system and I haven't had any issues with my stomach! Highly recommend this product!

  • Amazon Customer - Lucy and Desi behind the scenes

    Had a lot of information that was previously unknown to me. Easy read that held me to all the way to the end