Prague Design Hotel at the Three Storks - The design hotel at the Three Storks offers comfortable and luxurious accommodation in the Prague city center

Country:, Europe, CZ

City: 14.4667 Hlavni mesto Praha, Czechia

  • Morgan CM - Seat covers

    These are a very nice product and fit perfectly. Good luck trying to find a reasonably priced backseat cover in the savannah camo velour. Find a place that sells the front seats and rear seat cover and buy them at the same time if you are looking for a full set.

  • Elizabeth Pendleton - Wonderful, well written, easy to read study guide.

    This study guide is really well written. It is divided into easy to read sections for each part of the HESI exam. The math portion is explained in easy to follow instructions, and starts with easy math addition and subtraction to the more difficult algebra. It even gives plenty of examples in order to completely understand the problems. The science part reads really well, and is once again organized from easy to more difficult. The vocabulary section is very thorough. The English section is very comprehensive, and very simple to follow. I have struggled with English in school all my life and am finally able to grasp the concepts because of how well this book was written. The anatomy and physiology section is readily understandable.

  • Kalepa Ta Kala - Recommended.

    High quality. Uniform filament diameter (checked with calipers). Fast shipping. Good packaging. Would definitely recommend the product and the seller.

  • Gary A. Smith - Piece of Junk

    Program is awful. Not at all user friendly and not an improvement over 2010 version. 2010 much easier to use and you would think that a newer version would be better. Wrong. Features are gone in 2011 version and it is harder to do what used to be simple tasks. Plus the program blows up at times and you lose what you were working on. Never had a Hallmark program since 2003 do that. Even if they come up with a software fix it will not be helpful beyond the fact it might not blow up any more. Please do not buy it as it is a waste of money and worse than the 2010 version. Rather than repeat specifics the other reviews point out problem areas very well. Those reviews are well done and accurate. I cannot return it since it is over 30 days since I bought it. I will harass the developers until they get tired of hearing from me but I doubt they will do anything. This program will likely end my buying Hallmark Card programs. A note about not having more than one version of Hallmark Card Studio on your machine. I never delete programs unless I need the space and I had every version from Card Studio 2003 to 2010 before installing 2011 and there was never any problem so in this case it was a good thing since I will go back and use the 2010 version and be aggravated about wasting $ 35.00 on Card Studio 2011. Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe 2011 is 1.2GB smaller than Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe 2010. Think they took function or sample cards away? A program that has been increasing in size every year for the past 8 years now takes a downsize. Better programming, I doubt it. By the way, support has been no help and I cannot get a refund. This, despite about 10 emails back and forth. Buy and use at your own risk.

  • Melo - Happy with the angry look...

    Great look. The screws holes don't line up well but I made it fit. Comes with nothing. Have to use the old hardware from my old grill. No Jeep logo so buy one before. I put the Jeep Cherokee logo, its bigger, looks awesome. All in all...looking to look mad...get it. 20 minutes to myself.

  • Courtney - Cultural Appropriation

    We shouldn't be sexualizing a holiday where family member come around and remember their loved ones. A sugar skull represents the departed soul of a particular spirit. If you wish to dress up as this costume, you should be aware of the background of this sacred holiday and what is means.