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  • Leanne - Boring book, but good information for those with yeast.

    If you have systemic yeast or battle recurrent yeast infections in any form, you should buy this book. It is absolutely, mind numbingly boring to read......but it is easy to follow and it lays out what to do, and not do, very well. I have systemic yeast that my dr could not cure. I'm feeling so much better since going on this diet, although, it is extremely limited.

  • Jan E. - A *Tad* Over The Top, But Great Product

    We needed a new blender. I use one, regularly about three times a week, for two things: thick smoothies (no ice) and making hummus. Hubby talked me into going "all in" and getting this set, and I felt like a sucker once it got here. Really? Our household of two needs 2 HP to make smoothies and hummus? But after using it, I am very pleased. Handles THICK smoothies no problem in the single-serve doohickey, and the processor bowl made two cups of great (again) THICK hummus with only two scrapedowns. I gave it 4 rather than 5 stars simply because I don't know yet how it holds up in the long run.

  • sasha - poor packaging! entire front cover was bent...

    Disappointed that i spent $45 on a brand new book as a study tool for the medical board exam and the front cover was destroyed when i received it.

  • rose jones - Didn't work for us

    Well, I had high hopes this would improve relations between two grumpy cats in my household. Unfortunately, we noticed no difference...in fact, I actually think it made things worse. They went from a hostile stalemate situation, to out-and-out fighting! I see from all the reviews that this product is helpful to many, though, so maybe we were just unlucky. If you are desperate, it's worth a try. I would never say that just because it didn't work for us, it won't work for someone else.

  • Stephanie - Not the best

    I bought this in an effort to try something other than the Urban Decay primer, however this is not the answer. I find this to be too oily and not work that well. This will do in a pinch as a back-up, but will not be my primary primer.