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Specialist Gynaecologist & Surgeon in Auckland, NZ | Dr. Anil Sharma, Gynaecologist - Dr Anil Sharma is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (Gynecologist) in central Auckland, New Zealand. His expertise lies in the medical and surgical management of women's health problems and pregnancy care.

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  • Amanda Liew - Air it out under a vent first

    The instructions tell you to turn it on for 5-10 minutes first to release something - I had to do it much longer than that, and almost returned it when I thought the smell would never go away. You might see some white/grey wisps and a burning plastic smell for a while. After a few tries, though, the hot plate works like a charm. It boils water fairly quickly and so far has suited my needs. I don't cook full dinners on it by any means, but it's a good stove top to have around for smaller things. I am also pleased because it cools down faster than I expected.

  • Heisenberg - Cured my cancer!!!

    I got cancer and had no money for treatment. I started making and selling meth and bought the TV. The radiation which came out of this TV worked as chemotherapy and cured my cancer too.

  • m.legault - CAUTION!!!!!!!!

    I bought the collar for my 11 year old dog because the topicals I used to use make me nervous and seem to burn him when I administer it. I thought that this collar was the best idea and it might very well be. But for my dog, it was the worst thing! After putting this collar on, my dog's personality changed dramatically. He became very lethargic, his eating habits changed, he was very cranky AND started having focal seizures. Once I took the collar off, he went back to his normal self. He is eating and playing like he used to and is having no more seizures. I'm not saying this will happen to everyone that buys this product, but be aware and use with caution.

  • Velocipede - Sealed my water pump leak in 15 minutes!!!!

    My 2005 Porsche Cayenne S(4.5L V8) was 1500 miles away from home, when I discovered the Serpentine belt-driven water pump was leaking at the spinning pulley shaft seal. While away from home - I ordered a new pump, Porsche coolant and Serpentine belt to be sent to my home address, so I can replace it myself later. The big challenge was now returning home safely. The leaky water pump was slinging a light mist of coolant in the engine bay and droplets was exiting the lower belly pan. I was losing a quart of coolant, per week. As long as the water pump was spinning at highway speeds, coolant loss was at a bare minimum. I had lots of luck with Liquid Aluminum in my Audi Quattro 2.7L twin turbo....so I was confident it was safe for the same G12 type coolant in all VW/Audi/Porsche cars.

  • Michael W. - some of the best sales staff I have ever worked with

    Literally, some of the best sales staff I have ever worked with. The crazy part, is that I have never even met these people in person. I feel like i'm a part of their family and that they honestly care about their customers and their products meeting the standards of their customers. I have been using my vzone bed for a little over a month now and my wife and I love it. We had a tempurpedic before this and I can't explain enough how much better i felt about the purchase of my flobed. Considering their goldilocks gaurentee, I can always change the bed to meet the needs of our bodies. I feel great about the fact that if there ever comes a time when this bed doesn't meet our specific needs, I can modify it to whatever specs I want (i.e. firmness). If my wife needs a change because she is aching from pregnancy, there are ways you can help with that with this bed. It's truley an amazing company and i'm glad I did the research and took a hard look at the mattress industry to come to the conclusion to go with FloBeds. I couldn't be happier.