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  • Karen - Great addition to a great series

    This is a nice mix of new characters and old, with a look at some serious issues, but with the always expected humor, too. Enjoyed very much and looking forward to more in this great series.

  • Value Shopper - Full of facts and very enjoyable.

    This was a very interesting book. It gave an account of Lucy's life and Desi's, and made it easy to see the things that made them behave the way they did. It also gave information about "Fred and Ethel," which showed that they were both excellent actors! It definitely held my interest and made me want to keep reading.

  • Bonnie Unger-Carver - It's a good "I'll try it & see if it works" pad ...

    This works! After a while though you get tired of this small pad in your bed because it moves around. It's a good "I'll try it & see if it works" pad but then you need to get the half sheet for your bed. I use this on the couch or under my desk. I got two of them so I lend one out to friends & family that suffer from chronic pain so they can see for themselves if it works. Highly recommend!