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  • Lisa S. - Most effective and safe muscle building supplement on the market.

    This product is fantastic. I have more energy while I workout and also for the rest of the day. Also noticing that I am maintaining more muscle mass with less workout time. Plus, I am not able to use any other type of protein supplements/powders, etc. because of my stomach sensitivities so this product is really saving me, thank you!

  • Justin Mercier - Great potential but not ready for primetime

    I did not purchase this unit for its home automation capabilities so I cannot comment on those, but I did purchase it for its basic router capabilities and its easy to use LCD screen and extended range.

  • Shauntel G. - It's so simple, don't make it hard!

    Initially I left a horrible review. I'm not ashamed to retract and admit it was my "User error". I mixed and matched with Wemo light switch and didn't realize I choose a less expensive TP Link outlet plug. I tried connecting it via Wemo app periodically for 2 days with no sucess. I decided to write a bad review and return it. I began looking for a different brand when I realized the price difference between Wemo and this tp link. It hit me I did pay the lesser of the two, I mixed the two product brands! Duh!!! Immediately I went on YouTube , viewed the directions and set this up in 5 minutes. I linked it to my network and my Alexa. The easiest thing I've ever done. I purchased this for my young son who was scared to go to the bathroom at night because of the dark. He would wake my wife and I up at night to escort him to the restroom. That started getting old quick. Now he tells Alexa to turn on the lights; no longer afraid and goes on his own. This is an awesome product and made me feel like a great Dad. As a young child I too was afraid of the dark, sometimes still am, lol. My father use to scold me, " be a man, there are no monsters". I didn't want to take any chances, so like many kids, I suffered some nights holding it in. As parents, I feel we must be more understanding and not unintentionally traumatize our children by becoming an unsympathetic monster. I am so great full we have this technology. I hope to make my entire house "Smart". This is the way of the future, embrace it! I highly recommend this product.

  • snideelf - One of the best of The Best American Essays books

    This is one of the best of the Best American Essays series. I used to purchase on a regular basis a few of the years some time ago, but a lot of the essays in those issues were dull and long winded. I donated most of my copies of the series to the local public library after I'd finished reading them. I am keeping this 2013 collection.