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  • Andrew J Underwood - Not the best bang for the buck

    While reviewing a lot of material for the GRE, this product does not give you a sufficient number of problems to ensure that you are able to master the material. For subjects that you are already well to do on, you will find it having insufficient challenging material to help you improve your score. Likewise, there were several typos in both the written material and the incorporated CD, which really is an annoyance when you get the correct answer and the testing material does not provide it.

  • Sharon Tackett - Nice pans.

    What a great value. These pans are not only nonstick, they are also a beautiful addition to the kitchen. I bought them for my mom and she really loves them. Although some reviewers complained about the tiny little pan, my mom loves it. She said it's just the right size for her to heat up a couple of sausage links or a hot dog.

  • Cat Claydon - Good - not great - but still the talent of the Author shines through

    I really wanted to love this book. I'm a big fan of Mark Edwards and have read all of his stand-alone novels. What Mr. Edwards does well is still very front and center in this book. I think the author always makes his main character easily accessible. I find myself always emotionally connecting with the character and feeling involved in their story. In this book, I often felt frustrated for Sophie. As a reader I felt helpless to guide her and that tells me I was able to make an emotional connection to the main character. This is something that Mr. Edwards does SO well. Unfortunately that was the only part of this novel that was as well done as in his previous work.