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  • Live_Aloha - Too complicated for me :(

    I was looking for a software like this to keep my customer database for some time...Amazon offered the BEST price at the time so I was happy I got the deal. Honestly the software was complicated and I did not use it...I switched to TopProducer instead but I am sure there are people out there you completely figured this program out. It just wasn't for me. I was looking for something more simple yet effective

  • Jessica - Works better than any cleaner!

    I have a problem with calcium build-up on my shower doors from hard water. I used everything I could think of (windex, vinegar, CLR, etc) and a ton of elbow grease but nothing ever seemed to work that well. I just wet the Norwex cloth with warm water, rubbed lightly and to my pleasant surprise, the water spots wiped right off. I couldn't believe it! I then started using this all over the rest of my bathroom (faucets, etc) with the same results. Amazing product!

  • Dee Dee - Good product and good company.

    I had a little problem with the amount of cream I received, but the company took care of it. They seem to be very customer satisfaction type of company and it is good to see companies that really care about their customers. The cream is very good and I will be back for more. Thank you Uptown.

  • D. R. Brown - This stuff works!

    Ok, so I've been using this stuff for three weeks now, (I'm african american & wash my hair weekly) & I've really noticed a difference.

  • Mizzy - Went back to Quicken 2013

    I downloaded the 2014 version, everything went fine. It even worked once or twice. Without warning, after downloading new banking transactions, it started locking up and giving me that lovely "Quicken needs to close, sorry" message. EVERY TIME I TRIED TO ENTER A TRANSACTION IN MY CHECK REGISTER!

  • Giovani - Excellent

    I didnt think it would fit since the Civic has such a large windshield it did. Very have with the product. I will they can start putting picture or logos on it.